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  1. Hose was in bits, my mechanic is changing it at the minute.
  2. Any link to the hoses so I know what to get if they are needed?
  3. What does this hose actually do? Everytime my car tries to regen, there is a burning smell and smoke coming from under the bonnet from the back of the engine. Could the two be related?
  4. Hi. Just got this error coming up on my car (mk4 Titanium X sport 2.2). Can this be cleared with a motorway run at high revs or is the filter goosed? The car is still driving as normal at the minute.
  5. paddyirishman

    Please Help, Advice Needed On Dpf

    I'll check the levels tomorrow. If there's diesel in it the dpf is getting removed and mapped out. Surely that has to be dangerous?
  6. paddyirishman

    Please Help, Advice Needed On Dpf

    Gonna bump this one up again instead of starting a new thread. My car was serviced around 4k miles ago and the service light was reset. This morning, the "Service Oil" message came up on the dash again. Surely it doesn't need serviced again after only 4k miles?? I've heard it mentioned that these cars (2009 MK4 TX Sport 2.2) can have a sensitive sensor of some sort that can throw this message up randomly. Is this the case?
  7. paddyirishman

    2009 ford mondeo estate titanium x sport

    Still getting this and its starting to get very annoying. I've done a bit of research on it and there have been a lot of reports of oil weeping from the engine breather. Has anyone replaced this part yet and is it easy to get at to inspect for problems?
  8. paddyirishman

    Belt or Chain

    Thanks lads, 10yrs it is then. Currently on 46k miles!
  9. paddyirishman

    Belt or Chain

    Ive got a 2009 mk4 2.2 titanium x sport diesel. Does it have a timing belt or chain? (im getting different reports when looking online! ) What are the service intervals on it and what needs changed when the time comes?
  10. paddyirishman

    Jacking point cover

    It was still attached to the car but the clip broke and it trailed for a few metres and ended up broke in half.
  11. paddyirishman

    Dash cam hard wiring mondeo 2011

    I have mine powered off the cigarette lighter fuse (2009 model). It starts up once I hit the open button on the key and shuts off after 2mins when the car is locked. Is the 2011 model different?
  12. paddyirishman

    Jacking point cover

    I could be doing with one of these as well. It just fell off, trailed under the car and broke the clips off. Where can I buy these? (I can paint it myself, just need the part)
  13. paddyirishman

    Reversing Bulb Fitment

    If they are a good job, i'll get one for the wifes focus. She has tinted windows and there is no visibility at all in the dark!
  14. paddyirishman

    Reversing Bulb Fitment

    Thanks Stoney, just ordered a set of those.
  15. paddyirishman

    Reversing Bulb Fitment

    I have a 2009 Mondeo Titanium X Sport and I want to change my reversing bulbs to the LED type as the standard bulbs are rubbish with very little light coming off them. Can anyone tell me the fitment for these? Ive looked on different bulb suppliers sites and they are giving different fitments!