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  1. Went out this morning & the light had gone out
  2. Strange Beep

    Our focus beeped each time we put the key in the ignition. The settings (from holding the button in on the stalk) was set to beep with each new message. Started it up beep door open Started it up beep low fuel Changed to no beep on message, no beep.
  3. 57 Plate Ford Ka Speedo Light

    Mine did the same a couple of weeks ago. A little bit un-nerving as you feel like you have no lights on :P The whole dash has to come out. There are screws behind the radio and under the clock, from what I remember. The actual 'light' is on the top of the speedo cluster. My bulb hadn't gone the connection is made using a paper strip with copper strips on. Re seated the bulb and it has been on since.
  4. Heated Screen

    Thats to the best of my knowledge anyway. Mines a 99 Reg with the same problem. Not willing to pay the money for a new heated screen though and 'windscreen cover' on insurance only covers it to be replaced with a normal glass, Not the heated function. Didn't know that about the windscreen cover, will check out my policy
  5. Hi

    Hello :)
  6. Can you fit these to Ka's? The headlights on mine feel more like torches than headlights :(
  7. I have noticed the milage light on my 2006 focus estate is remaining lit after I have switched the ignition off. I have done a battery and LED check using the set up off the stalk & all looks ok. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it would be doing this? Cheers Aspe
  8. Evening

    Well I say I drive a Focus, I do when my Missus lets me drive her car ;)
  9. Evening

    Evening All Ford Focus driver Had a few questions answered from other peoples posts before on this forum, so thought I would join