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  1. Ex Mobility Car

    Hi I bought an ex mobility car over 12 months ago with no running problems at all, I am wondering if it is possible to find out what alterations the car had done under the mobility scheme.
  2. Focus Air Con

    Cheers for that I will defo get Ford to look at it.
  3. Focus Air Con

    It sounds like a high whirring noise, I dont notice it at high speed only at around 20-30mph. Also I noticed this morning on my first full lock that the steering makes a high pitched noise. The warranty runs out in Nov will this be covered.
  4. KA Idle Control

    Hi My GF has a Ford Ka that has just started cutting out when approaching roundabouts etc. I have read it could be the idle control valve and that people tend to clean this out and still have problems - is this easy to replace or is it a dealer repair, can I buy the valvue from a good motoring shop and if so how much should it cost. Thanks for your time
  5. Focus Air Con

    Hi Newbie here I have just purchases a 1.6 Zetec Climate (05), I have noticed when the air con is switch on there is a strange noise and sometime a strange smell, I dont use it that often and have never had air con before so am unsure if this is normal or is there a problem with the air con? Any help would be much appreciated