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  1. Clutch cable problem

    A clutch shouldn't be breaking as regularly as that, even with an older car. I'd imagine there was a bigger problem that needs to be checked out. Take it to a professional and let them take a look.
  2. broken seat release - advise please

    I had the same problem although unfortunately my car wasn't under warranty. I think the release clip just wears out due to use since its metal on plastic. My release wasn't working so when I tried to fix it, I accidentally pull the full black clip off! Fortunately this turned out to be a benefit as all I had to do was get another clip from a Ford garage. It cost £17 and just slotted into place. I'm sure the garage would put on of those on for you for free seeing how you're still covered. Tomas
  3. Fiesta flame 54 plate cd player!!

    Hey If your CD player is the same as mine then its got 3 "sections" which are all actually connected to make the one unit. To get my head unit installed, I had to cut through the wee strips of plastic, remove the CD player then put a facia in its place. I went to a local car audio shop to do this who charged me roughly £65 for the complete install inc. the new facia. I'd recommend getting it done by a professional unless you know what you're doing. I think places like Halfords etc even do the job. Hope this helps. Tomas
  4. Fiesta Induction

    Hey, going to buy a K&N induction kit for my fiesta mk6. I'm not sure how to fit it though. Is it quite simple & do they come with instructions? I can't find any guides etc anywhere! Has anyone got experience with things like this who could give me some advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. What have you done??

    I've hardly done anything and not planning on doing much. I've replaced the head unit and put a sub and an amp in the boot. Hoping to get an induction kit soon(ish) although not sure how easy they are to fit!
  6. New Ipod Connection

    I don't think there is. I don't think there is a connection for the cable, although I don't know a lot about wiring. Your best solutions would be to either get a new head unit or get a wireless transmitter for the ipod. I got a new head unit for my fiesta. You need to cut through the dash though since it has 3 sections so get a professional to do it if you're unsure. Many head units now come with a cable for ipods included.
  7. SUBS

    A new head unit is the basis of upgrading your sound system. I don't think it's possible to run an amp off a standard head unit either, you'd need to look into that. Even if it is possible, it would make it easier if you had a new head unit. Plus, it looks a lot better :P
  8. ST spoiler

    Hey, I've a mk6 3 door fiesta and was just wondering if an ST spoiler would fit it? Is there any differences in the back shape? How could I fit one if its possible? Thanks
  9. Fiesta Upgrades?

    Hey guys just joined the forum :) I've got a fiesta mk6. I was wondering what would be better when upgrading - an induction kit or a new exhaust. What I'm after is just a bit more growl from the engine, not really any boost in performance etc. The exhaust is hidden by the bumper anyway so is there any point in changing it to an aftermarket one? Also, if anyone knows, what kind of spoilers are out there for a 3 door fiesta? The ford factory one seems a little small for the price of it. I'm looking for something a little larger but not ridiculous! Cheers if you can answer any of my questions! Tomas