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  1. another update. it was 9c outside this morning and went to take kids to school, car took just shy of 30 seconds to catch and fire, by far the longest its ever taken it seemed to be cranking over too slowly to fire? as it sounded like it wanted to but didnt quite make it.. im not sure where to go now as i cleaned up all the earth connections i found etc but is it starter or battery? battery looks relatively new is 760cca 80ah yuasa thing but unsure where to go from here
  2. Glow plug fault cleared now was loose pin in plug. Still won’t start. The plugs each get 12.3v for 7 seconds once key is turned and can hear the relay click off after 7seconds... always 7 seconds either hot or cold starts first flick of key rest of day after getting embarassing
  3. used jumper cables on them off the car til they shine brighter than the sun LOL
  4. Where are you man? Jokes aside. Off you're Suffolk area you can swing by one evening and I'll run my eyes over it. unfortunately im up in northamptonshire,, thanks though mate
  5. still having problems and close to just scrapping the car and moving on... still wont go over 29mpg even with boost leak repaired starting still takes an age and throws out white/grey smoke when it finally catches and wont fire without my foot on the accelerator all the way down glow plugs are all brand new still working, wiring is fine from them to the glow plug relay which looks clean but can it fail? as i keep getting glow plug circuit error codes on forscan
  6. gonna pull the codes in a few minutes, emailed the seller about glow plugs as one is buggered lol found my boost leak. where the pipe from intercooler goes to the manifold with soapy water its bubbling like mad at idle lol
  7. back to itself today 3k rpm in 3rd and its like it hits a wall til i change up....eml back on lol
  8. i can send you the forscan log from my 25mile journey yesterday if you want? it has the oscilloscope for the map but unfortunately had no issues LOL it maxed at 250kpa
  9. i've just read that at engine off, it should read atmospheric at 14.7 psi (which it does show at 101.8kpa) then at idle it should read nearer 0 psi? however mine doesnt go any lower than 14.3psi at idle.......
  10. mine was that colour i scrapped it cos it stalled everytime i pressed the clutch LOL ive got some forscan logs of the map sensor during cold start if any use
  11. no 😞 lol maxes out at 32.7mpg
  12. so had laptop with me from work today, decided to wipe all codes before setting off then run map sensor live data all the way home. well wiped all codes and eml stayed off all the way home and the car drove perfectly.i mean literally, full boost in all gears, no hesitation, no cutting out of boost and no eml. im kinda ***** off cos i had nothing to record :(! LOL
  13. its had brand new glow plugs lol 😞 though at least one has failed already and its been in 4 weeks... (code came back) and no DPF on mine 😄 will try get live map readings on journey home cheers mate
  14. cheers mate. yeah probably overboost... is that all down to a sensor do you think? map sensor? as im getting codes saying boost sensor circuit high cant even see the turbo on the 2.0 LOL it does have hard starts from cold, and chucks out white smoke after it finally starts. no other smoke at all even when drving hard... white smoke is excess fuel isnt it? dunno if its dumping fuel due to map sensor as well yes was on original pug306.net LOL
  15. few years ago i owned 2 306s yeah lol long time now. i think there may be a boost leak at the inlet manifold but not entirely sure how to tell? pipes a bit perished where the jubilee goes not sure how to check turbo vanes? i got loads of power most times when i boot it but then it suddenly cuts off turbo like someone hammering the brakes til i drop gear and try again, managed to get 33mpg on a 50 mile commute its costing me more than my petrol car did for the same journey 😞 got a diesel for the economy lol