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  1. hi all replaced my clocks/spedo like for like; programmed new ones to start car etc all working fine except its screaming at me tyre pressure system malfunction. i dont have tpms and cant find how to disable it on elmconfig or forscan?
  2. Sorry to bump such an old thread - just been doing this mod (allbeit a cmax, 2007, identical wiring to focus) and got as far as adding pins 8 and 38 in the ABS plug - my plug is different to in the guide and only has pins up to 26 and is known as C831 rather than C830 😞 i can't find any wiring guide that shows where the pins go on this particular connector - any help?
  3. pop out the interior light and there is some screws holding the rest of the unit to the roof the grille houses the hands free mic if equipped
  4. hi everyone got a clunk-clunk from engine area every time i change gear from 1-4 and down again. clunks when moving gear stick. thinking gearbox mount but im certain its coming from directly in front of the pedals/driver side? started a week ago getting progressively louder. 2.0tdci thanks!
  5. gave up with car its now up for sale as a spares/repair jobby. bought an identical car same engine starts on the button and 50mpg. /thread
  6. thats ok i just can't afford another car unfortunately, i'd scrap this in a heartbeat lol
  7. so thermostat/temp issue is resolved. (still poor mpg) oil leak resolved. (vacuum pump gasket) stuttering boost/brakes thing resolved. (map sensor) starting issue remains. did a leak off test and each injector gave 80mls return over 6 minutes at idle, seems excessive but they were identical levels? so leaning away from injectors.... thinking of trying the HP pump next. sorry to keep bringing it up but i am slowly getting there LOL
  8. small update on this one. regarding the poor fuel mileage, it came to my attention that the temp gauge never hit the centre. in fact it rarely moved at all recently off of starting position. this lead me to believe the car was running cool - and indeed it appears the thermostat is stuck open and the car is never getting to temperature. the best i got was thrashing it down the dual carriageway for 16 miles it went to 1/4 but then i put the heater on it went back to 0 position this leads me to believe that the poor fuel mileage is due to permanent open loop in the ecu due to overcooling.. will replace stat this weekend and update starting issue can ***** off. lol
  9. its me again sorry to be annoying lol i still havent rectified any of the faults even with rigourous testing and fiddling my mpg is still maxing out at 25 on a run and its financially draining, i got a diesel to save on fuel lol when it finally starts i also get white smoke from under the bonnet and all inside the car if i forget to turn the fans off
  10. unplugged the coolant temp sensor this morning before starting started much much quicker but not perfect any ideas?
  11. so put a non return right out of the tank - still wont ***** start replaced all injector seals and leak off seals and clips for new - still wont ***** start just to reiterate wont even think of starting without my foot jammed hard on the gas pedal and loads of cranking. sometimes sounding like its trying to catch but doesnt, til it eventually starts with plumes of white smoke from exhaust and into the ***** cabin if i forget to turn the fans off. where next?!?! fuel pump?
  12. so essentially the fuel filter is whats emptying overnight then? makes a bit more sense now lol also just found my oil leak.. the vacuum pump 😮 need to find a gasket for that now...
  13. Ohh, I thought between the filter and pump was best to avoid the pressure between them dropping overnight so I need to put a non return before the fuel filter?