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  1. Here is my guide to fitting powerfolding mirrors to a cmax. It's not picture heavy as I forget to take many pictures. You will need: 2 power folding mirrors. either c-max ones, or focus ones if you dont mind modding them. I used aftermarket Lucas mirrors for a focus and modded them to fit a cmax mirror base/mount. Lucas part # ADP752 and ADP751. - Mondeo powerfolding mirror relay/plug (on ebay) - Generic ford 4 pin relay - A good length of automotive cable/wiring - Some spare terminal connectors of various sizes from old car looms etc - where possible (scra
  2. could anyone help with wiring diagram for a pre facelift mk2 - the ones on here only work for the facelift unfortunately...thanks
  3. thank you 🙂 my cars a pre facelift, however i've facelifted it. but yeah the wiring is the older type thanks for the help 🙂
  4. I'm in the process of adding power fold wing mirrors to my cmax. Ive got the mirror side of things sorted, just need to finish the wiring. First off - haynes manual wiring says wires go from passenger mirror plug > folding mirror control unit Where is the mirror control unit? Ive found the 2 wires, they go off into the car, not anything i can find on the door. The 2 wires are missing from the drivers door mirror plug. I need to add them and run them to the above mentioned mirror control unit. again, where is it located and what does it look like? thanks!!
  5. its almost always the spoiler, take off, silicone round the mounts and reattach failing that do the same for the tail lights
  6. ah ok. thanks for the reply. i have read someone else succeeding recently, but they said there is a guide on a russian site somewhere. im mostly interested in cruise control resistance changes
  7. hi any tips on how to sort the cruise buttons? been searching everywhere
  8. Hi all I understand there is a russian website which helps, I have bought an SMAX steering wheel, which physically fits the CMAX (cmax is 2007, so is smax) They both have cruise but apparently the buttons on the smax need wiring mods to work. also it has volume controls on the wheel. Anyone point me in the right direction? thanks 🙂
  9. absolutely. i think i'll be one of the first to have it given my job 🙂
  10. hi all found these plugs taped to the headlight connector on my car. ive got xenons installed and have just installed the whole self levelling system and its working a treat. people keep telling me theyre for self levelling but i've got no where to plug in? thanks (ignore the white wire its an earth cos im lazy)
  11. Sorry to bump an old thread - which has been very very helpful!! I've done this mod, allbeit to a cmax which is the same as a focus. I have an issue - the levelling unit throws an error stating both left and right stepper motors short to ground. I assume the wiring is different because of the jumper harness for halogen lights? Where can I find/remove this? Also, having issues with rear sensor, all wiring was there upto C118 but the wire colours dont match.. so getting circuit failure there? edit: i wired in the harness for the HCM plug from scratch but my car had wiring for
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