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  1. Hi all. Wondering if anyone can help. Using ELM327 cable (have 3 of them...all same result) Car: cmax 2007 2.0TDCI DW10 engine, SID803 PCM Went to upgrade firmware. Writing to PCM is fine all the way through, gets to the end and then, after reboot, erasing DTC's throws an error and the PCM is bricked. Afterwards ELMConfig says the PCM type is wrong (its not) but if I use earlier ELMConfig I can do the same - write all the blocks then it errors at DTC erasing and doesnt complete. I've tried 3 ELM327 cables, and have now bricked 2 PCMs ... whoops. I've previously had good success with petrol cmax pcm flashes. Cheers!
  2. aye thats true. got a well reputation'd company coming saturday to have a go. guaramteed they can do it so we will see
  3. any one else any ideas? mapper told me "i cant even connect to ecu" but i can with forscan etc?
  4. could you do this for a 2007 cmax mate?
  5. U1900 can be ignored - its set everytime a component is unplugged and self resets after a few miles the pins on the picture - they look worse than mine when my car went - i'd reflow the solder on them first
  6. havent got a DPF on mine so not worried buddy clutching at straws here but the ECU label states 3M51-12A650-AB but software version states 3M51-12A650-AE I also have a sticker in the door jamb saying Ford 12A650-AE and a date in 2008 hand written, assuming this means the cars had a ford update at some point? both old and current ECUs are the same AB on sticker and AE on software
  7. I can’t download the file from the PCM - elmconfig errors out half way or towards the end Not sure mate - I plugged it in, did the module initialisation in forscan and it started .. lol Local highly recommended guy. I then asked another company explaining the issue and they outright refused to touch my car saying it’s already mapped
  8. does this look like its been mapped?
  9. ah bummer! second hand ecu it is again LOL this time ill make sure its a standard one
  10. 2.0tdci, 2007 Had a professional company out to remap, egr delete and carbon clean the car this morning. After an hour of trying hes knocked the door saying he just can't do it, there's something wrong with the car... it's the first and only car he's not been able to do? He says he sent the report to the engineers to ascertain what's going on, but I'm obviously left here bitterly disappointed... The car runs and drives mint with no fault codes or issues. Help 😞
  11. all fine mate the fan runs when it needs to! lol
  12. Hi all I have a constant code - P0691 - relating to cooling fan circuit malfunction. Ok so - the fan works fine - comes on with A/C which works fine. I even replaced the fan assembly for a spare one! Next I suspected the wiring - got it all out and continuity tested from fan plug to ECU plug - no breaks found at all. Still get the code! Next thought is relay.... any ideas please? 2.0tdci 2007
  13. yes you can same plug/wiring etc, but needs programmed