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  1. New update. Approx 15 miles drive, error popped up “tyre monitor sensors not detected” and warning light went off. Psi shows — for each wheel
  2. yes mate. 12 miles done no change
  3. Just to update... the antenna on passenger front was unplugged, however plugging it in, the error disappears but still no joy 😞
  4. May have gotten somewhere Did a BCMii self test: Code: C1A57 - Left Front Initiator Additional Fault Symptom: - Circuit Open Module: Body Control Module Seems a broken/loose connection passenger front.. will investigate
  5. Hi all I have a 2009 s-max It has tpms from factory, but I changed wheels to no sensors and disabled TPMS months ago I got 4x new sensors fitted in the wheels now, and would like to re-enable TPMS Each sensor has an ID but I can't find anything in forscan to input their ID, or anything to enable learning mode? Does anyone know how to *actually* enter TPMS learning mode on this particular car? I'd be massively grateful thanks
  6. i dont mate, as stated, it streamed just fine on my old unit 🙂 however have now fixed issue with BT module firmware update 😄
  7. Got this unit installed to replace my old smaller nav unit. It won’t let me stream BT music but my old one did, so the module is good… let’s me do handsfree calls just no music… tried all settings in forscan and elmconfig no luck? Any help thanks
  8. Hi all Just bought a 2009, 2.0tdci s-max Couple of quick questions if anyones feeling helpful! - What software do you guys use to customise stuff, I have forscan and elmconfig - Red lights in bottom of front doors - neither lights up, are they supposed to? When? - Passenger side wing mirror - only folds in/out once every 20 or so locks/button press, simple fix? - How can I disable TPMS in cluster as I put my wheels on without sensors in please? Thanks in advance!
  9. As some may know the 2.0 tdci mk2 has 3 type o injector, 4, 5, 6 does anyone know what it means? mine are 4. I’m running more power (pushing for 200bhp) and wondered if there was anything to gain from 5 or 6 injectors. I see the size can be set in forscan also. anyone in the know? Thanks
  10. So my alternator has finally given up the ghost and new one arrives tomorrow.. As I've added a bunch of optional extras to my car, Heated seats Xenon headlights/washers/levelling Full keyless entry and start Factory sat nav and probably more i've forgotten I chose to go for a 150A alternator as mine is the 120A currently I've read somewhere it needs to be configured in the PCM to work properly, no problem Only issue is, it's in the VID block of the PCM configuration, which can't be changed without re flashing the entire ECU. My car also has a stage 1 remap with EGR removal software... On previous focus/cmaxes I've been able to download the PCM map, save it, edit VID block and reupload, however on this car I can't for some reason as ELMConfig bugs out right at the end.. I've bricked 2 PCMs already this way What I'm asking essentially is ... will the new alternator be ok without PCM update? and does anyone know any other way at all to tell it it's now 150A? Thanks in advance!
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