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  1. Headlight Help

    hi everyone! i have a problem with my headlight. hope you understand what i'm about to say, where the bulb comes out on mine there is a sliver thing that is in front of the bulb think it must reflict the light. mine has broke off do i need a hole new headlight unit or can i just replace that bit. hope you understand what i mean, if i need a new unit where is the best place to get one from many thaks neil
  2. can anyone help?

    thanks mate i'll try it
  3. can anyone help?

    its hard 2 say but its like somethings turning and its like a squeaking noise, i doesn't get that loud its more of a constant noise when i'm driving. i had a mr2 before my focus and the fan belt was slipping but it dont sound it that. it was my dads car before i know he had the cam belt changed but i also know that he changed it himself.
  4. can anyone help?

    i've got a 2001 1.8 zetec tddi and theirs a odd noise coming from where all the belts are on the right side of the engine. it seems to drives fine. when the car is still you can just make out the noise and it gets louder when i'm driving. anyones thoughts on what it is would be greatful. cheers neil
  5. window problem

    hi everyone, my drivers side window has just stop working, the other window works fine. and the switch still makes a clicking noise so dont think its that. i maybe wrong, can anyone help?