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  1. S-max 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem

    Hi Mikezz, As I note no others have any suggestions yet. So should it has not been solved and you are still having this problem. I had a broadly similar experience on starting until it also intermittently loose power during a run and then broke down and started again! It turned out, my Fuel Injector Loom was chafed (at the back of the cam cover)- this explains why my 1.8 initial symptom was on starting with engine block rocking the most! There was a service note issued - 8S184.
  2. Need To Remove A Rear Parking Sensor

    I just replaced a faulty parking sensor on my rear bumper. Should angela75 not sorted it yet, hope the attached picture of the sensor unit may help. As 747777 explained, the shroud is 'keyed' to the hole in the bumper, so its retaining clip will be at the top and bottom to grip the lugs on the sensor body as it is pushed onto the shroud on its side. Also note that just one faulty sensor unit will stop the whole front and rear system working! I suppose it may be intentionally designed this way, rather than a chance it will reverse into something because the 'too close' pitch will not sound if the obstacle happens to be right by the faulty sensor!
  3. Hi Jamie, With UK weather more temperate than the continent, for the few possible weeks of snow in the winter months, it has been too much a trade off for me to sacrifice the ride and noise quality as well as the bother of swapping to Winter Tyres for the few months and storing them back again. So I have instead gone for All Season tyres over the past years. But for them to be effective in the winter months, I need to change them well before they are at the minimal tread depth, right? My main question though, has Michelin ever done back to back testing with All Season / Winter tyres fitted to just the fronts only on front wheel drive vehicles rather than both front and rears at varying road conditions? If you have how can you share your findings? Thanks
  4. Smax Premature Exhaust Failure

    My '06 1.8TDCi failed the MOT this time because of perforation on the exhaust. Funny, maybe being a diesel none of us noticed it was even blowing! It's done just over 62K miles and mostly only for long distance runs (use my other car for short commuting), so still feels it failed too soon for a modern car. Didn't want to pay the £450 quoted by the Ford dealer to replace both the Rear Silencer and the Intermediate Pipe, and had them replaced by my local independant garage for £193 all-in (still using original Ford parts!). Just show how much mark-ups dealers make. Anyway, after seeing the failed parts closely, think I made a mistake to even use the genuine Ford part - because all the perforations on the Intermediate Pipe are where the mounting hooks are welded to the pipe and on the Rear Silencer where the pipe is welded to the Silencer! So it seems more a manufacturing defect with the welded joints having weakened the exhaust, during the process at those small section! I have uploaded some pictures and one can see otherwise both exhaust parts are otherwise in a sound state- unlike the ones on 'All new Shmoo's!