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  1. Does anyone knows the thread size of the boost compensator nut on a lucas fuel pump of a 1.8td endura-de engine because I have lost it and need to find another one. Here's a photo of it. http://oi54.tinypic.com/xsx2o.jpg
  2. I found the engine number which is above the gearbox flange and on the block. But what I need to find is the engine code. The Haynes says that it should be on top of the engine number but there is nothing there. Is there any other place for this number to be located?
  3. How to turn up the fuel and boost on the Ford Escort Mk6 1.8 Turbo diesel Endura-De engine. Fuel: There’s no need to open the fuel pump plug and go all through that work because you can add more fuel in a very simple way. Locate the fuel pump and locate where the small 6mm boost pipe going into the fuel pump. There should be a 14mm nut and a 4mm allen head bolt. Screw it off completely and remove it, look inside there should be a small spring. Remove the spring and screws the allen bolt back in place do not tighten it completely, tighten about ¾ of the full thread. Lock the 14mm nut and the fuelling is turned up by now. Boost: Shorten the wastegate rod or put a boost controller inline with the turbo outlet nipple and the wastegate and turn the boost up to 15psi if it’s with the standard top mount intercooler. More boost can be achieved with a big front mounted intercooler. That should be about it. It may a bit smokey but it will have more power. Do this at your own risk. I accept no responsibility if any damage may occur.
  4. Can anyone tell me where is the engine code number located for the ford endura-de 1.8 turbo diesel engine? I can't find it anywhere.
  5. What is the standard boost pressure for the 1.8 turbo diesel endura-de engine with intercooler?
  6. How to know which engine I have with these codes. I have an Escort 1.8td. How to know which engine I have. I found on the internet that they have codes. RFD, RFK, RVA, RTH, RFS. Where is it located on the engine?
  7. I have a 1996 escort mk6 1.8td and recently I had a short of the battery. It shorted to the bonnet But I fixed the problem by make a piece of rubber on it. The problem is that after the short, I have noticed that the rear wiper is not working and also the electric boot release isn't working either. When I press the boot release switch the rear window defroster switch bulb come on. I had checked all the fuses and they are all good. Could some one help me? Thanks
  8. I have a 1996 Ford escort mk6 1.8td. What does the mileage counter reads? Kilometers or miles? Thanks
  9. Escort High Clutch

    Where is this adjustment screw located?
  10. Hello I have bought a 1996 Ford Escort 1.8td engine without intercooler. I want to know what is the stock boost PRESSURE for that engine. How many hp does it produce standard. The engine number first 4 letters are FSWT. What type of engine is that? Thanks