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  1. Bad Day Dog Walking

    Is that the car adam or just some guy who gives you piggybacks?
  2. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    Interesting point, maybe by driving around with mcdonalds trays under our rear wheels and the handbrake on we'll improve efficiency!
  3. Hitchhiker

    I wonder how much difference they make to the balance?
  4. Hitchhiker

    Maybe it was a hamster in a past life! It's always interesting when they get on the bodywork, either they work their way up through all the suspension parts or a bird drops them there.
  5. Proud To Announce..

    A likely story
  6. Are Mot Advisory's A Legal Requirement?

    Could the MOT have actually logged the advisories but they just didn't give you the sheet to accompany it? That happened to me once, I knew there would be some but all I was given was the pass certificate. You can check the MOT online and this will show any if they were logged. May be worth a look just to confirm!
  7. Dash Cam Recommendations?

    I have the wide angle mobius and my dad has the nextbase 402g. Both are good quality, however if you pause a video recorded with the nextbase you can read numberplates of vehicles coming towards you (I'm sure I've seen it where both us and them were doing over 40-50mph) but with the mobius it's just a blur. You can make them out on parked cars when you're doing 30mph, but that seems to be about the limit. The lens on the mobius is a lot wider than the nextbase despite having a smaller angle (131 vs 140) and is very fish-eyed. For reference in my Fiesta it can see the entire windscreen and both of the small triangular side windows in front of the doors, the nextbase in my dads Focus can't see more than about 2/3 of the windscreen. The mobius is more compact as it doesn't have the screen, but at the same time doesn't have features such as speed/gps recording and the ability to automatically 'protect' a recording to prevent it being overwritten in the case of an accident. You can press the mode button on it though to protect a recording manually.
  8. Word Game

    Runner bean
  9. Dashboard Rattle

    Same problem here, though mine happens whether the car is hot or cold. I was originally convinced it had something to do with the clutch pedal as the creak changes pitch as I move it, but it only happens when the engine is running and in gear. The switch behind the pedal that tells the car if it's pressed or not also creaks a little bit but that's unrelated lol. As said above though, it also happens when accelerating and lifting off which sort of rules out being the pedal itself. I mentioned it to the dealer at it's first service last year but they didn't find anything (apparently they greased the pedal just in case though). Edit: found a post I made about it a while back: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/62971-creak-from-footwell
  10. Mobius Dashcam (on 24/7)

    Yeh it's just long enough to let the camera shutdown and save the current recording properly, you have to set the power off option to immediate when using the capacitor. It apparently holds enough charge to keep the clock going for 7-10 days too after that which is useful.
  11. Word Game

    Ground Control
  12. Mobius Dashcam (on 24/7)

    The rear socket isn't a constant live - it's on a 10 minute timer which restarts whenever you unlock the car, open a door, lock it again and probably loads of other triggers. In other words, 10 minutes after you leave the car it goes off! You'll need to hard wire it in to something which is a constant live if you want more time than that.
  13. Ford Etis

    On the basis it has the phone buttons on the dash and the steering wheel controls, yes. Sync was introduced with the facelift at the start of 2013, but models before this also offered bluetooth (hence the entry in etis).
  14. Ford Etis

    That's normal, I believe the bluetooth thing refers to the original pre-sync bluetooth feature which is of course not present. Mine also says less bluetooth and voice control modules (or something along those lines). There should be some mention of ICE in there, the Sony DAB one for example uses the word 'branded' in the description.
  15. Piggy-back Fuses

    Cheers for the replies guys, need to get this camera ordered now!