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  1. i believe inath has done it but he will not spill the information on what file to edit and what part in the file to correct :(
  2. New Wheels :d

    because i have hid's fitted and they look awful in the reflectors,
  3. New Wheels :d

    its all carbon fibre wrapped mate it stains so easily!!! It's a pain if I'm honest
  4. New Wheels :d

    just a temporary addition for few weeks lol
  5. New Wheels :d

    1.6 tdci once iv got looks how I want them I will try make it pretty quick few people recon I could get it running 150-160 bhp for under 1k but reliably
  6. New Wheels :d

    yeah o ut the top peice out and fiber glassed and filled it, was a first attempt its come out pretty well one of the clips dont clip in properly but its hardly noticable so iv left it like it for this year, im thinking about getting it all smoothed into the bumper in the summer time when iv paid the wheels off which should make it look 100 times better!
  7. New Wheels :d

    ok got my lights done so heres a few snaps i know its off topic but hey....
  8. Illegally Spaced Registration Plates

    i got a 30 quid fine next time they see me they said it would be a larger one :/
  9. New Wheels :d

    before any one asks iv taken my lights back to standard because theyre being wrapped monday, will update with pics once done first set of wheels i had purchased from new and never had so much hassle :( ok so ordered some Speedline corse 2110's yesterday, phone call back, "cannot get hold of them for 6+ months", so rang around 15 different websites all the "same answer", go back to original place, ask for memora's "cannot get them for 4+ months", settled on some pro race 3's when they went to prep them with the tyres of my choice phone call back "they had arrived with 2 wheels having flat spots", so i ask for speedlines 6 spoke wheels, "dont come in 17"'s sorry" so i order pro race 1.2's then changed my mind after staring at pictures of them for an hour so i then asked for speedline corse's flow forming 2120's went and picked them up today and was chuffed with them, i thought they would of filled the arches more but hey i knew i werent going to spend over 1k so beggers cant be choosers, heres some pics, let me know what you guys think! and for the iphone jobby,
  10. im pretty sure, its now done 16k miles and still same mpg, so its fully run in etc
  11. id love to see someone get over 50mpg in my car with or without one of these box's :/ I struggle to get over 40 at the end of most months but i live in dover where theres nothing but hills to and from work i do have a heavy foot on occasions but i still thought i would of got around 45 without driving like a nun?
  12. Mk7 Zetec S 1.6Tdi - Bizarre Problem

    My car does this every few weeks, But you can make it do it by tapping the brake or accelerator excessively, when the car is moving along and in gear, then just turn car off lock it unlock it then start it, and its fine when i took it to ford they thought i had been tampering with it because i questioned them on fitting cruise control retrospectively only a few weeks earlier, its came up with an error on the throttle switch above the accelerator hope this helps in anyway, i didnt have time to read the full thread
  13. any update on this? you got a reply from ford technical>?
  14. Wirelss Key Entry

    id be asking if it was retro fitted first!
  15. Wirelss Key Entry

    anyone fitted the wireless keyentry or pushstart (without key) retrospectively i know it will be expensive and probably a garage jobby but just wondered if anyone had done it yet?