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  1. 2006 Ford Focus 1.6Tdci Seat Change Over

    Lol na they aint worn out i just did a 1200 mile round trip to inverness and back and me mrs though it would be bright to tip a 2 litre bottle of coke on the back seats and there ruined so i want to change all the seats anyway a just wondered what car i could take them out of. thanks
  2. Hi guys, i have a 2006 ford focus 5 door, what fords can i use the seats out of to replace the tired ones in my car? thanks for any info in advance. Matt
  3. Hello mate, i had the exact same problem with my 96 fiesta, what had caused it was the multiplug behind the glovebox had burnt out, so i cut the plug off and attached spades to the end of the wiring and connected them manually and now it works like a dream and it took me bout 10 minutes and cost me 7.99 for a big spade wiring kit but really all yu need is 4 fittings which will cost bout 50p hope this helps
  4. Window Winder removal

    The guy above is spot on mate, i removed mine to fit door speakers and it just pops off when you slot the screwdriver in the gap, it just abit of a sod to get back on
  5. Vibration

    Its a vibration while accelerating it sounds like a exhaust blow but it defo isnt, and while it mkin the noise it vibrating thru gear stick + clutch
  6. Hey mate, had to do a CV boot on my mk4 fiesta today and there horrible without the proper tool but if you replacing the whole CV joint it may make things alot easier, holding the CV joint on is just a surclip on the driveshaft and aslong as you put the boot over before reattaching the new joint you should be fine, but follow the manual carefuly. hope this helps
  7. Vibration

    Hey guys, I got a 96 mk4 fiesta, and while accelerating in 2nd and 3rd gears i get alot of vibration through the gear stick clutch and accelerator pedals, anyone have idea whats causing this? much appreciated thanks
  8. Will 17" Alloys Fit My MK4 FIesta Without Rubbing????

    Hey, my mate had 17" rims on his mk4 fiesta, he had to have spacers to put the wheels on, and then whenever anyone sat in the back the wheel used to rub against the shocks and he ended up going back to his 15" and it was a much more comfortable drive so if i were you mate just go for the 15"s, hope this helps
  9. Hey guys, i passed my driving test 4 weeks ago and i've bought myself a 1996 (P) reg Ford fiesta 1.3 mk4, and i've got some issues. 1), The engine burns oil really badly to the extent of putting in a litre every two days, i've read some forums and people recommend changing the cylinder head valve sills, would you recommend this or could it be the piston rings? 2), The lock can be opened and locked by any ford key, could this just be that the lock is worn out? only one key starts the car but any key can open and lock it. 3), The car is in immaculate condition it just rusting a little around the wheel arch, how can i stop the rusting in its path? 4), Also when i put my foot down to accelerate away quickly its as if the accellerator has a flat spot and the car just stops accellerating which has caused me a few problems, what do you reckon it could be? 5), Also would changing the oil filter and putting 10w/40 castrol gtx full synthetic oil in the car stop it from burning or is this just a expensive way of burning money? Thanks for any replys