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  1. Exhaust Steam When Hot?!

    The car does not seem to overheat at all, its a 1.6 Zetec engine. could the misfire when idling be caused by an HT lead? it only starts missing when hot?!
  2. Exhaust Steam When Hot?!

    Hi, thanks for the reply, the coolant level has gone down a bit but i have only done 40 odd miles since i have had it, how can i check head gasket or is there anything i can do to prevent it? Anything else it could be?! Hope its not the head gasket...
  3. Exhaust Steam When Hot?!

    I have noticed today that the car does not miss when cold, only after it has warmed up for a while the steam is also worse the warmer the car gets!
  4. Hi my W reg 1.6 escort seems to have steam coming from the exhaust even after a good run, it is especially cold here at the moment but it also seems to be misfiring a bit when idling even after a new set of plugs yesterday. Before i got the car it had sat for a few months im not sure if this is relevant! Any ideas? Many thanks Sam