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  1. I've read these forums and only see one reference to this at all. Basically I'd like to install either a 1 or 2 DIN radio in my Fusion 1 (53 reg). I've seen for a Fiesta Mk6 you can get a "Sat nav" bezel and 1/2 Din convertor kit from halfords or ebay. I really want to avoid having to cut the 2 bars out as I think it will look messy and might put people off at resell. Has anyone seen if this exists or any tips from people who have done this? Kind regards, Paul.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new here but have a question for everyone which I have searched the internet for but can't find an answer. I'd like to add remote central locking to my car. I've found a post here Link. This is regarding a Ford Focus but knowing the remote key module is simular I wonder if this could also work for a Ford Fusion. I have the Fusion 1 module, 53 reg. I'm interested to know the part number of the Central locking unit which includes remote lock. So I can buy the unit. I can get the remote key no problem off ebay. Would a remote central locking unit for a Fiesta Mk6 work? I'm still a little unsure how alike and how much cross over there are in fiesta mk6 and fusion 1 parts. Can someone give me any advice? kind regards, Paul