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  1. I'm not familiar with the 1.8 TDCI , only know its an original Ford design whereas the 2.0/2.2 are Peugeot/Citroen units. This is a pic of the 2.0 TDCI. The throttle body is at the bottom centre of the pic with 2 sensors . a vacuum valve an a jubilee clip on it. I would imagine something similar exists on the 1.8 at the point where the intercooler pipe enters the engine intake http://www.enginesod.com/images/www.enginesod.com/large/th41421245362qxwb-engine.jpg
  2. Hi Sinisha, my 2.0 TDCI went through a period of doing this 4yrs ago. I did get a new battery and starter at the time, but I actually think the real problem was there was a plastic air intake throttle body that the internal mechanism jammed shut hence not allowing air in. It may be all your engine codes relates to constant attempts to start it. So it might be worth stripping and cleaning the throttle intake.
  3. Hi All, I've actually had my Tonic blue TDCI Titanium 5 yrs and its now got 167000 miles, so its at veteran status. The change and sudden attention is that until recently its just been just by the wife and for holidays. It was quite mint when I got it, but since the wife works at a supermarket , its full of dints & scrapes ( never totally sure whether by her or the e-jits who just aren't capable of parking ). This situation has now changed and she has a new Citroen C1 to get bashed up at tesco whilst I'm now running the S-Max unit something major forces me to let go of it. I'm going to treat it to some local bodyshop repairs ( kinda like a 10-dints-for-the-price-of-1 offer ) and wouldn't mind tackling the scabby 18" snowflake diamond cut alloys. It's an old car and clearly not worth chucking too much money at, so this is only a shoestring budget tidy-up exercise. So my primary question is has anyone ever done a DIY alloy refurb on those diamond cut type rims? I'm not expecting to make them return to the original state and would be happy to let them just be gunmental/silver finish. What I don't know is how to strip them down to a suitable base finish for painting? Would a paint stripper work?? Alternatively , anyone know of any northern England ( East Lancs / West Yorks ) cheap cash-in-hand places that could do do a good job for pennies ? Second question: I like to run my cars with a bluetooth ODBII plug installed, but on the S-Max its parked up behind a flap inside the steering stowage/pocket. Any idea's on how to access such that it can be detached loose to plug in my ELM327 plug ? Cheers