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  1. Upgrade time...IMAG4023.thumb.jpg.2f6afd73a20a7f647bd9b9cd770c46b4.jpgIMAG4022.thumb.jpg.443146cd729667481552593d7950864d.jpg ST-3 EstateIMAG4024.thumb.jpg.d06b683423ce417b9c217331ad539de2.jpgST-3

  2. Wiring Harness On Melted

    NIce thanks. More manley cable fitted with 30a fuse and re routed so as to eliminate any trapped wires, car seems ok now with only a few electrical gremlins.....still got my tunes thou!!
  3. Engine Cutting Out While Driving!

    Mine did it when on motorway 90mph outside lane....10mph school run... accelerating slowing down constant speed, revs would drop then silence, sometimes dip the clutch and blip the throttle would save a dive to the inside, but any time randomly really. I had a new gearbox 6mths ago due to reverse dropping onto the road, speed sensor was replaced, never cut out since....but fuelling issues are rife on fords too i have an 09 trannie too, also intermittant cut out fault, rumoured to be a throttle sensor........I reckon I know what it'll be!!!!
  4. Wiring Harness On Melted

    Cool cheers. Amp/sub is one pre wired unit so only needs one power lead Will pop down to road radio, was just thinking that maybe the connectors shouldnt meet on the terminal, motor home batteries have a little bank of 10mm's on a plate round the +terminal I was just thinking more along those lines....
  5. Wiring Harness On Melted

    Upon searching through this forum.... I might just pull the entire wire for the sub/amp, while looking for any cuts and grounding that may have caused my little woe....... and lay a new one! Questions if I may, 1,Should the sub/amp be on its own connector on the battery terminal?, i just had a ring connnector on top of the other connectors held on by the 10mm bolt, 2, The Earth cable for sub/amp I just had screwed to the metal work in side the boot area, should that earth really be run all the way from the battery? I want me focus flamin for the right reasons, and not my because of my wiring.......
  6. Wiring Harness On Melted

    c'set la vie! However I may have eliminated the culprit....sub power lead a bit melty, 10a in line fuse didnt go which started the emulsification in the other lead on harness. Took sub out of equation, battery sparked and she fired into life! Off to garage to while its running to see if how deep this may run.........keep you posted
  7. Wiring Harness On Melted

    I wonder if any one might know a good place to start with a little issue on my focus. Was warming it up this morning no lights just radio and fans and heated front screen!!, next thing car full of smoke, opened bonnet to find main wiring harness to pozi battery terminal melting and bubbling!!! Turned off and and all electrics gone-fried- "He's dead Jim" Do I even bother starting to diagnose......? heated screen was probably the catalyst...? Cheers in advance focus '99 1.8 zetec petrol :o
  8. Engine Cutting Out While Driving!

    I know older focuses suffered with the gearbox speed sensor, mine used to do what yours does, could never make it do it, tried fuel filter and additives but to no avail, changed sensor never did it again......
  9. White lightning

  10. why cant they just work??/

  11. Mk1 Petrol Cutting Out Intermittantly

    So, it began to lose power this morning i watched and the revs/speedo didnt drop at all i didnt dip the clutch but just lifted off the throttle and then gently accelerated again, and she just came back to life, no stall lights or cut out. throttle postion sensor?
  12. Heated Front Screen

    As long as the engine is running the alternator charges and runs the electrics as a 12v system. It not a dynamo...the lights don't dim when you slow down ( i hope)! Or get brighter when you speed up..........The front screen takes a huge whack of power as do headlights, we have to look after these old alternators especially when you hook up two amps and a sub and 4 6x9 speakers!!
  13. Mk1 Petrol Cutting Out Intermittantly

    OOoh loads of tinkering....i like it! Thanks for knowledge, I look at rev/speedo when it does it not sure if hits 0. On M4 yesterday, it did it at 85mph in the outside lane....needless to say I had to open a window to let the smell out!!!! Will get me lead light out and get fettling, many thanks
  14. Heated Front Screen

    Thanks, yeah that old pollen filter trim fight eh? Big jollies getting that out in one piece!
  15. Heated Front Screen

    Thanks. hmmmm it doesnt get that long because it gets switched off.........lol!!! when i switch on again still wont clear, wires then? Cheers