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  1. GT_Racer

    Mk7 Zetec S 1.6Tdi - Bizarre Problem

    By way of a useful update I've had further problems this morning and have now had the problem diagnosed, and resolved. My car seemed fine this morning for the first 1 minute and then it randomly cut out, displayed 'vehicle malfunction' and chimed a warning. This happened three times over the course of less than 2 miles. Each time the car would restart and shortly after would die. On the third cut out it left me stranded, ironically at my local Ford garage. Good fortune really as I would usually be jumping on the M1. I discussed the problem with the guy on the desk and spoke of the problem 2 weeks ago in Germany when the car went into 'safe mode' He informed me upon my questioning that the car would store a separate fault code each time the 'vehicle malfunction' error appeared on the VDU This inspired confidence that the problem would be diagnosed right first time. I left the car with them for the day at called in to get an update. The fault was diagnosed as a blocked fuel filter. This was replaced, the error codes cleared, a 5 mile road test and she was good to go. To satisfy my curiosity I queried further the fuel filter blockage and the fact that it would have been changed as part of a service perhaps? Apparently on the Tdi's they are replaced every 37.5k, so therefore it would have been replaced for the second time in 6k miles, I was told. (The mileage on my car being 69k) Hmm, I'd like to think that it actually WAS replaced at the 37.5k service. All seems pretty sweet now though. :)
  2. GT_Racer

    Mk7 Zetec S 1.6Tdi - Bizarre Problem

    Bad news fella. So are the symptoms with your car pretty much the same as I've described with mine? I've studied the user manual tonight and it makes no reference to Limited Operation Strategy Mode. Not that I don't doubt such a thing exits, clearly as you and I have found out the hard way! It's the trigger for this that intrigues me. I hate intermittent faults with cars
  3. GT_Racer

    Mk7 Zetec S 1.6Tdi - Bizarre Problem

    Thanks buddy, some useful information there. I'm going to take a look in the manual and read-up on LOS mode. Something's clearly not been right in order to trigger this the other day. Useful too to know that I can take it in to Ford and that a stored error code etc may diagnose the fault. Many thanks for your help. :)
  4. Hi all, Since my first real issue a few weeks ago with my car needing a new brake master cylinder bang on 2 years old, I've encountered a new problem. I decided to take a road trip to Bavaria in Germany to see family. It would be a 750 mile journey each way from Leicestershire, Dover over to France, Belgium, Netherlands and on to Germany. With 66k on the clock and a recent service I set off with anticipation. The journey there was fine, the car didn't miss a beat and even taking the German Autobahns into consideration never dipped below 50mpg, gobbling up the miles at sensible pace. The journey back was a different story. Almost 2 hours in and 650 miles from home I pulled out of some motorway services and got the warning bongs or chimes as I call them. Fuel was at 75% so I knew it wasn't that, the central VDU read: "Vehicle Malfunction, Service Now" It may have read some other detail pinpointing the problem more specifically but it coincided with me accelerating up to speed to join the motorway and hitting a wall-like limiter whereby the car wouldn't accelerate! Not good given the Autobahn pace, even in lane 1! I stopped on the hard shoulder to gather my thoughts, I tried to move off again, 1st, 2nd, then again some kind of limiter kicked in. I stopped again, handbrake on, neutral, bury throttle, rev counter swung round to 2,900 rpm and that was it, even with my right foot to the floor. "WTF, this can't be happening, not THIS far from home. FS!" Ignition off, that might help clear an error code. Ignition on, the problem hadn't cured itself. It was too risky to reverse back up the hard shoulder to the services, so the only way was forward. I short shifted deliberately through the gears and found I could make progress as long as I kept the rpm under 2,900. Any attempt to exceed that and that car didn't want to know. For 2 hours I continued at below 75-80 which doesn't sound a real hardship but the long inclines meant the car was laboring at 50mph or so upon reaching the top. My thoughts turned to what the issue could be. Could it be a self preservation mode that had kicked in, a safety mode almost? Perhaps it was the catalytic convertor failing, I've had that before in an old Peugeot 106 GTi. Cursing I stopped for a leg stretch and a bog break of sub 5 mins and hey presto, power was back! I'd got a ferry to catch so I was off to join the euro mobiles in lane 3 and make progress, the car was fine the whole journey after that. Weird eh? I guess there is no historic diagnosis stored on the car for Ford to locate the issue? I'm guessing also that it's almost pointless asking them to look over a fault when it's intermittent and currently driving ok? Rowland
  5. Man that sucks. I know that feeling all too well when the middle pedal goes long and the resistance you expect isn't there as you approach a corner. Heart in your mouth stuff. :o
  6. Hi all, Not posted much on here of late but only last week was I going to sit down a write an honest review now I've passed the milestone of 65,000 miles covered in my 59 plate ZS diesel. In essence the car has been superb, nothing, and I mean nothing gives me call to grumble about my car, not a single item has failed or anything gone wrong since new. Until 2 years to the *very* day it was delivered to me with just 3 miles on the clock back in 2009! I reversed off my drive last week as normal, and got the audible chimes to flag something was wrong. Brake fluid level low, service now read the message in the centre display. "That's odd it's only 5-6 weeks since it's 62,500 mile service" I thought. I continued up to Leicester and it flashed and chimed twice more. Not wishing to take chances I swung by Evans Halshall Ford in Leicester, and must admit I did wonder if there was some incompetence on their part at this stage. The Ford technician informed me that as part of the 62.5k service the brake fluid is changed rather than topped up. He checked the fluid level, it was low, very low. Somewhat puzzled he got it up on the ramp pronto. Ten minutes later I was advised in a nutshell that the Brake Master Cylinder had !Removed! itself and a lot of brake fluid had been lost. "The car isn't fit to be driven". I guess I was surprised as this is the very first thing to go wrong, I've had an easy ride compared to some it seems. Two years for a brake master cylinder to fail seems odd, I thought these components were designed to out last the car? Thank goodness for the chimes highlighting a problem, I was relived in a sense that I didn't just carried on carefree! I keep an eye on the forum but confess to not having seen this issue flagged before on the mk7 Fiesta - Unless I'm wrong? Rowland - Zetec S'less for now...
  7. GT_Racer

    How Much Stuff Can You Cram In Your Fiesta?

    Nope, stock ZS suspension avec 10 bags of sand and 6 bags of cement if I recall! (Still drove better than my girlfriends wallowy Citroen C4) ;)
  8. GT_Racer

    How Much Stuff Can You Cram In Your Fiesta?

    ...when I go to Wickes I often think my car is a lot bigger than it is. Yeahh, bad !Removed! yo !! B)
  9. GT_Racer

    Zetec S Seats. - Lower Back Pain?

    Man I feel for you, back pain is no fun. Whilst I suffer with it all too often my 59 plate ZS causes me no problem, even on long drives. Mine has leather rather than cloth, and I've totted up 47k with no pains at all. Other cars I've jumped in and with 20 mins or so I've felt that lower back pain niggle and can't wait to get out! No doubt you've played with the settings on the drivers seat to try and find a position that doesn't induce back pain to the death!?! Rowland
  10. Just 2 miles on mine. :)
  11. GT_Racer

    Thread Of Awesome

    Yeahhhh, thats what I'm talking about - Looks loads better. I'm tempted to do this too. :)
  12. GT_Racer

    Wrong Glass

    Has this changed recently then with the new models perhaps? My 59 plate ZS diesel I opted for streetpack c/w 17" wheels...
  13. GT_Racer

    Mk7 Brakes

    On a side note - I really can't understand why Ford opted to use drum brakes on the rear of the Fiesta right from base model to Titanium and ZS. For a car that appears to be a luke-warm hatch (ZS) the rear drum brakes grinning through the 17" wheels avec low profile tyres makes it look a little meek in my opinion. Perhaps it was cost saving, maybe it was deemed unnecessary due to the overall weight and how it's spread over the car. Anyway, despite the rear drum brakes I find the braking capability surprisingly good. Progressive with plenty of feel, with no excessive pedal travel. I'm not long on my second set of discs and pads since they were changed at the 37,500 mile service interval. No problems to report here. :)
  14. GT_Racer

    Wrong Glass

    Streetpack is available on both petrol and diesel model ZS. :)