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    Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    Depends on your insurance mate. Just give them a call and ask if your premium would change IF you changed the airfilter to a non-standard one. Think mine went up about £10 with Admiral
  2. Toothy

    Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    I haven't had it on a dyno or anything to measure the performance. But I think there is a noticeable difference, but mostly at higher revs. The throttle seems a tad more responsive, and it feels like the engine revs easier at higher RPMs. When driving the roar of the induction doesn't really kick in till towards 3000rpm by the way, which I quite like. It's also not a problem on motorways and at higher speed. You get a bit of a roar when you put you foot down to overtake something, but there's not a constant drone. Hope that helps :)
  3. Toothy

    Pipercross Or J1 Induction Kit

    Go for the Pipercross kit. Had one on my Zetec S for over a year now. It doesn't have much of a restrictive box around it as MRC89 would suggest, as one side is completely open. Sounds great too. In fact I did a comparison, have a listen