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  1. wide arches anyone?

    Rally arches exist for the ka, www.myka.org is a good site for the ka :)
  2. bumpy ride in my ka

    mine was ok standard to be honest not bumpy at all, now with the 40 profile tyres and coilovers wound down quite low its only a little bumpy ;)
  3. engine mods

    1.8 - 2.0 black and silvertop both fit in the ka, cnc mounts are also available. 1.7 also fits and so does the 16v 1.6 lump out of the mk5 zetec-s fiesta which can be tuned to about 210 but shawspeed :) So loads of option all depends on your budget :) Oh forgot about the 1. cvh rs turbo lump and zvh's :)
  4. fuel use

    street ka does about 35 mpg with a mixture of town and out or town driving ;)
  5. Passenger well wet

    all ka's have a pollen filter :)
  6. Newbie Alert

    cheers for the welcome :)
  7. sport seats

    if you are still looking it might be worth you aking a wanted thread on www.myka.org ;)
  8. KA Idle Control

    fairly simple change, IIRC they are about £80 from ford, might be wrong tho. I had to replace mine but that was over 2 years ago now ;)
  9. Passenger well wet

    the leak sounds like the pollen filter to me :) Your tyre problem would either be a leaky valve or the tyre not fitted to the rim fully and causing a slight leak ;)
  10. Newbie Alert

    Hi my names Adam, I drive a Ford ka and have owned it for about 3 and a half years. Its been of the road for a year as I use a pug 206 2.0 ltr HDI for counting to uni :) The coilovers need winding down a little but they had only been fitted a few hours in those shots ;) Still have major plans for it, engine and car pc are some of the major ones :) :D
  11. Favourite Driving Tracks

    Foreigner - Dirty white boy, old I Know ;)
  12. Introductions .....

    Hi my names Adam, I am from Hereford and own a Ford ka2. Have spent a fair bit on it as you can see in my sig. Check out my website for more info :)