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  1. Car Radio Aux Input

    Thank you all for all your help, i think i have solved the problem, i worked out that you have to press the aux button first, the plug the cable in, then attach the ipod. Thank you all again for all your help
  2. Car Radio Aux Input

    Maybe, i may have to get the garage to look at it, thank u anyway
  3. Car Radio Aux Input

    Otherwise the radio works in all other modes
  4. Car Radio Aux Input

    I connect my ipod via a 3.5mm male to ipod connection, i press aux on my radio, and the first time i connected it it worked, now when i press it, aux flashes up then instantly goes back to radio
  5. Car Radio Aux Input

    My 59 plate 1.6 focus zetec s stereo, won't engage the auxilary input when i plug my ipod into it
  6. Connecting Ipod To Ford Audio

    thank you, do you know where the best cheapest place to buy the cable from is
  7. Connecting Ipod To Ford Audio

    I have an I pod classic does anyone know how to connect it to my 59 plate ford focus zetec s ford audio system via the auxilary without using fm transmitter cable