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  1. How Long?

    Less than a half hour to fit seats, a couple hours to fit the sensors maybe. Perhaps they're busy with other work lined up though?
  2. Miles Per Gallon

    What are you expecting driving quickly with air con on? If you drive sensibly with no air con you can add at least 10 MPG to your current figures.
  3. Mk7 Spoiler Extension

    Mountune ;)
  4. Grrrrrrrrrr Gutted

    Surely a part spray will do?
  5. Bluetooth Audio Settings

    Looks like you can stream Bluetooth audio. You prob just arent doing it right, or the bluetooth phone or device doesnt work with it. When you play Bluetooth you usually need to press the Aux twice to select it. Or, sometimes, I trigger playback on my phone when Bluetooth is enabled and select aux mode from the steering controls.
  6. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    Just PM me your details and ill send you a paypal Link !
  7. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    Sweeties, the borrowers, pens, your Ipod or music player will also fit inside, which i'd consider quite a good thing to do (The first two aren't necessarily intended seriously) :) I've not fitted mine yet, but then I've been a bit too busy. Should only take a bit of strong adhesive and it'd be done :)
  8. Cleaning The Car..

    No Sponges if you don't want too add to the swirls ;) Invest in a couple of good quality wash mitts and good washing additive. Halfrauds (despite the staff knowing very little about what they sell) have a half decent range of readily available stuff, and they have 3 for 2 on alot of car cleaning products at my local. I wouldn't buy everything from them, but the things I know are good for the car I get on 3 for 2 there :)
  9. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    No, not big enough sadly!
  10. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    I've received the Push Catch Locks today, anyone interested please PM me your details so I can sort you them out :)
  11. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Just had to fill up this evening after using up the last of my tank! I've managed 403.1 miles with 14 still left to go off of a single full tank, not done the math but the computer says 46.7mpg! A little vid to show my results: Only cost me 55 quid to fill back to full again.. <_<
  12. Ac Confunsion

    As above. Turn one notch the other way and it won't come on :)
  13. Anyone Seen An 11 Plate Fiesta Yet?

    I see a couple every day pretty much, and have since the 1st of March. Obviously theres more people out there with money to spare than I thought! Even with the conservative Gov in and people apparently struggling to get by..
  14. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    I've placed an order for enough of these to cover the interest registered so far. Once I've got them I'll let those interested know. If people can private message me their details I'll sort each of you out. :)
  15. Push Catch Lock Mk7 Interest

    What the hell? Anyway, I'm Probably going to buy these at some point and then sell some one if people want to assert their interest. I'll be buying some within the next week hopefully!