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  1. Lumpy On Acceleration

    got the problem of dying under acceleration .emptied 1 inch of water from ports (thank you window washers).changed ignition coil.checked leads..still misfires under acceleration.runs ford normal when cold but when heats up i get that same old splutter problem..water pump seems to work as I get a steady flow from the return pipe to the bottle.took cap off oil fill.i get a bit of back pressure.but don't hear gurgling from oil pump. .so could the oil pump malfunction be the cause? I am totally lost here
  2. 03 1.4 Fusion Runs Sluggish After Heat Up

    checked the plug leads yesterday pulled the first one out and the lead was soaking pulled the other three out all were dripping with water. looked into the spark plugs and was amazed to see that the plugs were at least 1/2 an inch submerged in water. drained the water out and dried it off this gave me instant power when I put it back together again .taken it for a long run for an hour or so. seemed fine but on the way back home it started to splutter like mad then the engine light started to flash then stay on. checked the plugs all was dry. back to square one. wonder if the water fried my new ignition coil? .going to buy new coil and leads. had the error code checked. code was ignition coil.. thanks for your reply jeebowhite. will do electrics and if that don't work I will check airflow
  3. hi guys :( my fusion starts normal from cold and runs normal until the engine heats up .after getting to normal running temp it starts to sort of misfire at low revs or when pulling off from a stationary position but once at high revs it seems ok when idling it feels very rough and of course the engine light comes on .tried changing the coil pack for a new one . the car ran better for a longer period about 10 miles but then its back to being sluggish. so back to square one .checked leads and they look fine. so if ignition system is not at fault including ecu .could it be down to oil pump/water pump/ thermostat failure.can any of these parts cause the same symptoms? please help. this is driving me mad big thanks in advance
  4. Fuse Box

    do you have to take glove compartment off to get to fuse box?
  5. Rear Shock Absorber

    cheers stef two 10mm bolts at top bracket and a 10 mm retaining nut on piston.a 15mm through bolt on the bottom . very easy to do. inner arch comes off easy. only thing was. when i tried to undo the through bolt 18mm nut it took me a good 20 mins of huffing and puffing using an extention bar before i realised that the 18mm nut is actually welded to the bottom bracket and you loosen it from the 15mm end .what a twit i am
  6. Rear Shock Absorber

  7. Rear Shock Absorber

    hi guys need to replace shocks on rear .ford fusion 1 03 plate.i havent changed this type before.most types have a nut on top end of shock and bolt on bottom. but on fusion there doesnt seem to be a nut on top end of shock. so i need to know how the top end is fastened to the wheel arch . any advice is most welcome. CHEERS GUYS
  8. Towbar

    cheers paul and thanks for your help :)
  9. Towbar

    cheers lonewolf many thanks :)
  10. Towbar

    hi guys i want to fit a towbar to my fusion 03 plate.been looking around for a suitable towbar.came across one on e-bay. http://www.pct.eu.com/automotive/Fitting%20Instructions/pdf/FD4233.pdf. could you please tell me if all the holes for the brackets are already on the chassis or would i need to drill these my self. BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
  11. Big Hole

    would this do http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Mondeo-02-CT24FD08-Din-Car-Stereo-Facia-Panel-/300481746746?pt=UK_Audio_TV_Electronics_In_Car_Entertainment_GPS_In_Car_Audio_Players_PP&hash=item45f61b973a
  12. Drop In Mpg

    HI GUYS i have a 1.4 16v petrol and only get 22mls to gallon urban. engine idles at around 950rpm when warm.my last car was a 1.8i 8v single injection cavi and i got an average 25/26 mls to gallon. could it be that the injector system is maybe in need of attention? or is it time for a service .i have spent more money on this car (03 plate 60.000mls on clock). since buying it in november than i had on the cavi (65.000mls on clock )in 7yrs of ownership. begining to think these stats are trying to tell me something
  13. Radio Wiring Diagram

    cheers mate went to halfords OUT OF COURIOSITY. they wanted £30.00 to order the connector. bought one from ebay £3.20 including postage and package. HOW CAN HALFORDS JUSTIFY THESE CRAZY PRICES????. anyway thanks for the reply
  14. Radio Wiring Diagram

    HI GUYS (ME AGAIN!!!! ) got a grap radio cassette ford 3500 rds eon. bought a nice new radio with cd/mp3/usb/sd reader/rear rca output. only problem is the connectors are different.does anyone have diagram or know the wiring colour codes.as the old one doesnt have diagram on the body of the radio THANKS ONCE AGAIN IN ADVANCE :)
  15. Water Pump Question

    thanks for all your help guys . pump is driven by the serpintine belt. job done :D :)