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  1. Hi everyone, I drive an MK4 Fiesta 1999 Zetec and just bought a Zetec S spoiler of eBay that came of an Mk5. I'm going to have to sand, prime and paint it first which I think I can do. My problem however, is that there are 4 fixings on the spoiler but I haven't got a clue how to fit it because it looks like the boot has a double panel. If I drill 4 holes from the outside of the boot, there is no way for me to put the nuts on from the inside? Anyone fitted one before? Thanks.
  2. Anybody here having the same problem? It's beginning to irritate me a lot because aside from this, the car is pretty much perfect. Just out of curiosity could sticking valves in the engine cause this sort of thing to happen when the engine is cold? If so what's the best way to cure that?

    It could be the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Not sure how to test for a faulty one, and I think they are expensive to replace so I wouldn't replace it without being sure. Best thing to do is get a diagnostic done. Go to a good local garage, because Ford dealers tend to rip you off from quotes that I've had.
  4. Dropping Revs When Cold!

    Anyone? I found others with EXACTLY the same problem as described in the first post on other forums but no one has managed to get it solved.
  5. MPG? what are you getting?

    Hi, I drive a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 1999. It' got just over 73,000 miles on the clock and it gives me bout 38-40 mpg's. I do have an induction kit and a stainless steel backbox, but I'm not sure how much more you would expect with stock parts.

    Hi, you might want to check the throttle body for carbon build up. The butterfly valve may be sticking due to it being gummed up. Just take of the intake hose and spray into the throttle body some throttle body cleaner. I've used 'BG 406' in the past and it's worked quite well. That said, if you really want to clean it well you should completely remove the throttle body and clean it then.
  7. How should clutch be??

    My clutch is quite low too. That said I do tend to hear a slight rattling noise when I lift my foot off it whilst in neutral. Not quite sure if it's on its way out, just have a slight difficulty getting it into reverse every now and then.
  8. ford fiesta W reg problem

    Yeah it definately sounds like you need a new coil pack and possibly new HT leads. Had exactly the same problem with my Fiesta 1.25 Zetec not too long ago. The smell is coming from the cat due to misfiring. I was told it's a common problem.
  9. Dropping Revs When Cold!

    I recently did have a diagnostic done when my car was misfiring. Coil pack and HT leads showed up as problems, which were replaced and cured the misfiring but nothing else showed up regarding this problem I've had for a while now.
  10. Hi everyone, I recently had an issue with engine revs falling to zero when I pressed the clutch down fully. This only ever happened when the temperature outside was very COLD. Once engine is warmed up, all is fine. I thought the problem was solved a while ago but I was wrong. :( So far the car has had the following done: - New battery - New oil filter and oil - Cleaned air filter - Cleaned throttle body - New IAC valve - New spark plugs But problem still occurs! To best describe it, the car fails to 'catch' the idle speed when the clutch is dipped during cold running. If the engine is revving at 3000rpm or above and I press the clutch and keep it there, the revs more or less always drop to zero causing the battery light to come on. As the engine continues to run the problem slowly dies down. I am beginning to suspect the TPS, only becuase I disconnected it while the engine was idling and no change was noticed. Does the operation of the TPS depend on outside temp? Any advice apprecieted!
  11. Fiesta Mk4 Boot Release

    I don't think so as I have the LX model which apparently is the one with the optional extras as far as I've been told.
  12. Fiesta Mk4 Boot Release

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows if I could install a boot release kit into my car as the Fiesta Mk4 1.25 doesn't have one. It's getting rather annoying to have to use the key to open the boot each time. Thanks.
  13. Cleaning the Idle speed control Valve?

    Hi, I had a similar problem recently however it didn't turn out to be the valve in my case. Basically its bolted on two 8mm bolts on the front of the engine. It should be rite in front of you as you open the bonnet. It looks silver and is a sort of arrow shape. Just unscrew the 2 bolts and disconnect the electrical connecter. The valve has 2 holes in it which you simply spray the cleaner into it to rinse out all the carbon deposits. Keep doing it until the cleaner drains without any dirt. I have been told that cleaning this valve is only temporary as it is a sealed part. The only solution is to buy a new one from a dealer. Before you do think about getting a new one, I would advice you to check whether your air filter is clogged up, and also clean out the throttle body. Here's a link that might be of some help if your not sure on where parts are (also shows the idle air control valve) ;) http://fiestaownersclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&p=58
  14. Following the dropping revs my car began to vibrate at low revs quite violently and wouldn't pick up from zero without what felt like a continuous misfire. I changed the spark plugs but that did not help the problem. Took the car for a diagnostic and was told I needed a new IGNITION COIL & HT LEADS. This solved the misfiring problem, but the drop in revs triggering the occasional cutting out and battery light flashing problem as mentioned in the first post is still present.