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  1. Hello guys, i have recently bought a 2009 Focus 1.6 petrol and have noticed that it is leaking oil. The back of the engine block is wet and it seems to be getting worse. I have replaced the rocker cover gasket but this has not cured the problem. It seems to be coming from the top half of the engine. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what could it be ?
  2. Happy Birthday UK345!

  3. I am wanting to use my ipod in the car and cannot be bothered creating hundreds of cds. Is there a way in which i can do this. The car has the RDS4500 stereo which is standard in the Zetecs. Its a MK6
  4. To Put Them On Or Not

    The other week i purchased a pair of rear black lexus lights for my Fiesta. At the time i was really wanting them however now im beginning to change my mind. I would consider selling them to make up some of the money that i spent on them, i know ill not get it all back. What do you reckon guys. The lights in question are these ones: The vehicle:
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yeah its only on the plastics through so i was thinking i could probably get a touch up pen ? Think that would work ?
  6. Just Bought An Escort Van!

    Id imagine your van is a Mk5 iirc. The mk5's came into production in 1995 and ended in 2002.
  7. Had my MK6 since November and have noticed that at the front, some paint has come off of the bumper. Id like to sort this out in the summer, i tried rubbing t-cut on it but that never worked. Any advice on how to sort it ? Here is some pictures: Front bumper Rear bumper
  8. Smash

    Like said by some of the others, at least your ok. Ive never experienced being in a accident or anything but i guess one day it will happen. What are you going to replace your Fiesta with ?
  9. I am wanting to fit ST sideskirts my 2004 Zetec and was wondering where the fitting holes are situated so i can check if my car has them ?
  10. Top up your brake fluid, problem sorted
  11. Buying a new front grill badge for my MK6 Fiesta, what are the dimensions of the badge ?
  12. Hi, recently ive been thinking of adding sideskirts to my car to cover up a dent. I have stumbled across some ST sideskirts in the correct colour so thinking of buying them. Now my question is how hard is it to install these ? The seller tells me i might need to drill 6 holes to hold them on ?? He said some of the cars already have the holes. Has anyone got a picture of where these holes are situated so i can check my car ??? A brief step to step gtuide would be much appreciated :) Thanks lads
  13. Saw An 08 Plate Mk7 Today

    It will be a demostrater model. Theres a 51 plate Fiesta MK6 that drives about here
  14. I have a MK6 Fiesta and the front badge is fading. Does the bootlid badge off of this car fit the front grill ?
  15. My 1St Main Service Nightmare Today . . .

    I always check under the bonnet before pulling away. I dont trust mechanics, alot of them are cowboys. I think you should of opted for a partial refund and maybe a half price service next time.