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  1. That Video is actually really good, it genuinely made me tense up and brace for a crash... haha Joining in with everyone else though, even if i'm moving my car off, then back onto my driveway so that another one of the family's cars can get off, I put my seatbelt on. It feels weird to even get into my car without putting my seatbelt on. It's not just that either, if the police were passing down my street and caught me without it on, even though i was only briefly in my car, it's a complete waste of money for something that take 2 seconds.
  2. Limited Edition Fiesta Gtr

    With a 1.25 engine, it must be aimed at young drivers... But once you have paid to £13k or whatever it is for the car, you're looking at at least £2k for insurance. Then you'd have to deal with the the fact everyone will want to race you, and everyone will beat you.
  3. I have a round trip of 40 miles, mostly on dual carriageway Mon-Fri During the weekends i'm running around town to football or people's houses and the likes. I can get 350 miles from a full tank, with a boring drive, but if i'm a bit more heavy footed then it's around the 300 mark I believe i get roughly 42 mpg's...
  4. Fiesta Mk6 1.25 Style