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    New Member

    Nice car to start from! Standard bodykit takes care of a large chunk of 'to-do' things
  2. Loz Cheung

    Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium-X

    Looking smart so far!
  3. Loz Cheung

    Possible Change Of Car

    Yeah definitely, I do miss those things too but not as greatly as I feared! Mind you, we have a Focus ST arriving so we may appreciate those things again
  4. Loz Cheung

    Possible Change Of Car

    We went from an ST to a Zetec S 140 and haven't been left particularly shortchanged! Yes, we do still miss the ST, but given the opportunity to change (and potentially change back to another ST) we had just to try and see what the hype was all about with the 1.0-litre. The money we saved went into the options list and we ended up with a pretty posh warm hatch. Dont know if this'll help! http://firstworldmotoring.com/2016/01/14/ford-fiesta-zetec-s-1-0-ecoboost-140-vs-fiesta-st/
  5. Loz Cheung

    Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    Probably just as well, I think kids use IRL as an abbreviation for 'in real life' nowadays - they might read it wrong and not catch on!
  6. Loz Cheung

    Damsel In Distress - Ecoboost Reality

    I'm far too late into this topic, but I'm glad you went with the ecoboost! Love mine, far more capable than I was expecting. The alternative 1.2 you suggested is a bit long in the tooth nowadays - its fine if you had no choice about it, but the 1.0 is a better offering :) Only thing I've noticed with mine is the very slight drop in mpg in this colder weather but it's been fine so far. Enjoy counting down the days!
  7. Loz Cheung

    What To Get Next Year?

    I've been lucky enough to have owned the 3 suggested - im currently on the 1.0 ZS and would probably recommend this to be the one to go for! I'd normally suggest the ST in a heartbeat, but with that short a commute it would probably be more of a shame not being able to drive more of it in that sense. In short: the Focus will be too thirsty, the ST a bit overkill and the 1.0 ZS does everything well :D oh, and you might find one with heated leather seats ;) Any questions, just ask :) otherwise the link on my signature leads to my review site.
  8. Loz Cheung

    Not Exactly New But...i'm Back!

    Nice exhaust note on those 1.6's if I remember rightly!
  9. Loz Cheung

    Focus St Review?

    I've just ordered an ST-2 and they've said it'll be a marginally updated spec? I know there's a Powershift model for the diesel available to order come 2016 - so I don't know if my petrol variant has any updates that coincide with it too, but I will find out!
  10. Loz Cheung

    My Shiny Zs 180.

    I'm so glad they put a V6 in that thing!
  11. Loz Cheung

    Ford Focus 1.6 182 Ecoboost Zetec S 5dr

    Mine was pretty good, it just did everything! Quick enough, spacious enough and quiet enough. MPG isn't as miraculous as Ford's marketing would have some people believe though! ~40mpg for me at best. The inner child in me wanted the Fiesta ST which was the only reason for changing. Will be updating content on here if it helps!
  12. Nice! shame I don't have my Ford any more to try this on my one. Will have to see if it works on any other cars :)
  13. Loz Cheung

    2001 '51' Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 GS

    love that! works well sat on the Disco4 wheels there :)
  14. Loz Cheung

    Finally Got The St In For A Detail At Work.

    ooo nice, thanks for the link! good to know these things :) that's a good little portfolio going on there on that thread! Nice to see your job involves a hands on approach to some exotic motors!
  15. Loz Cheung

    Finally Got The St In For A Detail At Work.

    Hi mate, lovely car! Can I just ask what you mean by poor wash practice? Did the previous owner just not do it at all or had they done something bad Just curious in case I'm not doing such a thing!
  16. Loz Cheung

    Mk7.5 Secret Compartment?

    Hi Has anyone attempted to get into the secret compartment ever since they facelifted the mk7? Wouldn't be surprised if no one has, since the passenger airbag light is housed there. But just out of curiosity, and under the possibility of wanting to paint mine as the ST's aren't gloss! Had a brief attempt but seemed more difficult than I remember last time in a mk7! Thanks
  17. Funny how i preferred a bad system from Ford when Sync came along! The tell-tale sign would be on steering wheel controls; i hated not being able to scroll through the media system with the left toggle buttons since 2012.5my! loved that volume rocker too
  18. Loz Cheung

    What Does The X Pack Include.

    yup, with Sony radio as standard + the camera an optional extra i think (the one on the rear view mirror right?) :)
  19. New Focus' are looking great guys! Both front and back look better in these photos courtesy of yourselves B) the front chrome grille surround isnt as pronounced as i first feared and the rear does look different. Still prefer the old rear lights but its not enough to detract me! The standard zetec s wheels look better now and less lost like they used to :) Cant deny the newer dash with Sync is an improvement - although is it just me or do the non-sync versions look even more fussy now? Especially when its buttons are supposed to be 'tidied up'?
  20. Loz Cheung

    Which One Are You?

    Depends on the passengers and how much I like them! Since having the ST though, it's been nice having a faster car but it also means more people hold you up. I'll be switching sides soon though with a Defender so I'll get to annoy everyone else instead.
  21. Loz Cheung


    That's a hell of a first ford! Congrats/welcome; what colour? Any options?
  22. Loz Cheung

    Mk7.5 Fiesta 125

    Could just be the angle, but it looks quite clean without the exhaust at the moment!
  23. Loz Cheung

    Opinion Of The Potenzas?

    I had them on a Zetec S, thought the traction was worse than the Continentals SC2 on the standard smaller 16"s. On the ST, they're performing better (could be a different derivative compared to those on the ZS) but they are a bit noisy and don't feel particularly soft. Silver lining though, it can play about in the wet. But it'll be rubbish in the snow!
  24. Pretty good, but Ford cant please everyone as I liked the larger rear lights from the Mk3! I though it broke the car up, i wrote this on my blog saying the rear clusters remind me of a nissan juke now :(
  25. Loz Cheung

    New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    I saw my first one this morning - it was the black edition driving the opposite direction. Looks great in the pics; but as it was quite grey and miserable weather all i could mostly see were the glare from the headlights - but as it got nearer all I could spot was the red roof and grille/bumper detailing that stood out from around/beneath the glare before the black bonnet. My initial reaction was that I thought someone had gone down the 'sporty' black bonnet route on a standard red fiesta!