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  1. I have a 2008 connect 1.8 tdci that i need to change the engine on. The engine code is R3PA. I have only been able to locate one s/hand engine with that code and it is £900! There are lots of other (cheaper) engines available for around £4-500. Question i wish to ask is: are there other engine codes that will fit my Vehicle? Thanks for reading my post Ford Transit Connect 2008. 1.8 TDCI 91 ps
  2. Hi, the Alternator just packed in! Had red battery light of for couple of minutes after starting then it came on. Then after 2 days it would not start so jump start and drove home with everything electrical working as normal then slowly shutting down! by the time i got home very little was working, i just assumed the ecu was conserving power for essentials?
  3. Hi, not sure if anyone has the answer to my problem as i have looked at many posts and cant find one that matches my problem! i have a 2006 mk3 Galaxy 1.8 tdci , 6 spd 130k that recently had a failed alternator. i drove the car home just on the battery, as i was getting closer to home i noticed that most of the electrics were shutting down! i.e trip, speedo, parking sensors , seat belt warning sound, etc,. After i replaced the alternator the car started fine ( with charged battery) only ti find that red warning light on, abs light on, no trip, no speedometer, no parkind sensors, etc,. Has anyone had same problem that they resolved? Thanks for reading my post,
  4. Hi, my 2006 mk3 1.8 tdci galaxy has a red light problem ! when I start engine light goes out for about 2 minutes the comes back on! Battery eventually ran flat so I decided to replace alternator. I now have new alternator and decided to do the job on the weekend until I opened bonnet and had a look! it looks quite complicated and decided to stop and get some advice before I start taking bits of that may not be required! anyone done one before? , thanks for reading my post! penderri
  5. Hi everybody, Just joined your forum as I have a problem with my Mondeo 2.0 lx tdci 2003 110k. I just purchased this car from a liquidation sale ( as seen ) I have driven the 50 miles from the sale to my home. It started fine but had a LOUD wining type noise on revving very much like a high pitched bearing noise. As most of the 50 miles was Motorway I nursed the car for the first 10 due to the noise. Suddenly the noise stopped with the car driving ok but unable to go over 50 mph. As I got close to the end of my journey I decided to push it a bit harder only to be able to reach 65 mph. The oil is ok as is the water etc,. Any ideas? Thanks for reading