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  1. Alloy Spacers

    wrong, wheels can sit outside arch aslong as the tread of the tyre is under the arch
  2. Alloy Spacers

    thats where hubcentric spacers come in
  3. Alloy Spacers

    thats wrong, they are called spigot rings
  4. Alloy Spacers

    just get alloys with a lower offset, they will stick out more without the need for spacers, or just buy wider wheels
  5. Here She Is !!!

    epic fail
  6. Turbo?

    you will need to upgrade head gasket, possibly upgrade the cooling system, inlet and outlet manifold plus more
  7. Just Bought A Focus :d

    yes you can change them, need to pop off the clip around the bottom off them and they pull off the tailgate
  8. Fiesta Space Saver Tyre Pressure

    max pressure and recommended pressure are 2 totally different things
  9. Hi Im New

    nope, i'm other end of country get onto ukfn if you want to find people near you
  10. Hi Im New

    does it matter?
  11. Hi Im New

    2 mk5 zetec s's, ones a track car, other is for road, no pics at min, both completely stripped down for full resprays and other work
  12. Hi Im New

    both of them are
  13. Fiesta Space Saver Tyre Pressure

    surely it should be around the pressure any tyre should be at, around 33psi
  14. Hi Im New

    no problem
  15. Hi Im New

    the rear shocks on ka's are macpherson struts (spring over the shock), can't use them tbh best emailing a few places like gmax and spax and ask them if they do any shorter shocks for the courier