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  1. 4 months, will prob be my last too, the car is great, its just the dealers that make owning a Ford crap
  2. Ello

    Hi Chris, Yes, funny that
  3. Ford Owners Club

    Thanks for the invite Richard, have joined now.
  4. Ello

    Some pics, sorry about the quality, the sun was causing me problems
  5. Ello

    Hi guys, Just been shown this forum by Richard, A few of you guys from LOC will already know me, for everyone else my name is Paul and I sold my Lexus GS300 SE NAV in May and brought an 2006 Mondeo ST TDCI in Panther Black. Have only done a few subtle mods so far but will soon be unlocking some of the hidden power of the drev lump. I will get some pics up soon. Great forum Steve, well done again. Thanks Paul