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  1. 08 Focus Lx - Retrofit Fog Lights

    Hi all, After calling around, Ford do a separate wiring loom for this, the official part number is 1599361. And the number for the kit is 1512477. Worth getting the wiring new for £30 or so, but can pick up the other bits on eBay for about £50 total. Hope it helps someone.
  2. Hi all, A hopefully simple question. I have an 08 Focus LX and since I've been finding myself driving in thick fog a lot recently I'm hoping to retrofit fog lights. I've found a suitable kit for about £100 (Lamps, switch and surrounds) but can't see any existing wiring loom in the front bumper. I sort of assumed the wiring would be there, just tucked away? If anyone has fog lights on their 08 focus, could they give me a hint as to where I should be looking? I've been under the car (torch in hand) but can't see any wiring anywhere near where the offside fog light would be. Any pointers appreciated!
  3. Basic Ice Questions

    Thanks John, that's great. I'll take a closer look in the glove box tomorrow and see if I can find the bit you mention. I've looked into the bluetooth question, and from what I can tell it's not worth doing. I'd need the Sony headunit, BT/VC module, the additional wiring looms etc etc. Not worth it, probably be looking at >£500 parts only!
  4. Basic Ice Questions

    Thanks, some more digging found this: http://web.mac.com/zifnab/Visteon_6000CD_in_Ford_Focus_C-Max/How_to_wire_the_Aux_input_on_A_Visteon_6000CD_in_a_C-Max.html I'm keen to do it closer to the Factory spec though, could someone with the 3.5mm jack 'extra' take a photo of it for me, so that I can see how it's mounted in the glovebox (or wherever it is)? Thanks!
  5. Basic Ice Questions

    Hi, I've recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus LX and was wondering if it's possible to retro-fit Bluetooth and the 3.5mm jack(line-in) ? With Bluetooth, the only problem I can think of is that the computer would need replacing? which would obviously make it not worth while. With the 3.5mm jack, there's already the line-in button on the stereo (Ford 6000CD) so it may just be a case of running the cable into the glovebox or wherever it goes? I couldn't spot any relevant posts, but if anyone else has asked feel free to point me at their thread Cheers guys!