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  1. Happy Birthday aztecbandit1!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATEY, B) Been a while and hope your well mate :D
  3. Wanted - Fiesta mk4 bumpers

    welcome to the club Dan :) Have you had a search on ebay mate? there are quite a few bumpers on there but not sure if there are any in black at the moment??
  4. New member saying hello

    Hello Mr Mole is that you mate?? Welcome to the club :D any mods info needed mate give me a shout as you know where to find me ;)
  5. New To Site

    Welcome to the club :D
  6. Hello there !!

    Nice motor mate, welcome to the FOC :D
  7. new to the forum and new to ford

    Hello and Welcome :D
  8. Newbie in the house

    Hiya and welcome to the FOC :D i'm from the Midlands and do get out all over the place so may see you around sometime :D
  9. New Member Here

    Hello and welcome to the FOC :D
  10. Hello everyone - new member

    Welcome to the club matey :D
  11. hiya

    Welcome to the club :D
  12. Word Association Game

  13. help identufying car

    Welcome to the club mate :D Can you post a pic of the car on here mate? as it may help with ID'ing it :)
  14. Staring problems

    yep i'd say the same air getting into the system?
  15. Fiesta 1.4TDCI (52REG) - Starting problems

    If you connect a piece of wire to the battery and then "flick" each of the glowplugs with it they will spark due to the fact that they are earthing out so dont get your logic there as your just making a complete circuit between the pos and Neg of the car by earthing out the battery?? and not proving anything to do with the glo plugs working or not!! By the sound of the problem, it sounds like the glow plug contoller isnt letting them heat up enough to turn the diesel into a gas so its not igniting enough to start, and the reason its taking so many turns to start is the fuel not vapourising enough so in theory its trying to ignite fluid and not gas and the more you try the hotter the plugs get over the time which eventually turns the diesel into gas so then it starts, So i'd go for the glow plug contoller and clean your glowplugs to start with as there probably covered a thick layer of unburnt diesel then see what happens..