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  1. Abs Module Failure

    Well looks like I have just joined the ABS Module failure club. I have a 56 plate Fiesta Style Climate with 36k on the clock and last Friday the ABS, Engine warning and handbrake lights came on and the speedo etc stopped working, I was dreading the news from my local garage after he looked at it today and sure enough its the module! My guy has ordered it and it has to come from Germany! This a month after the MOT. He, god bless him is quoting me £500, but the car will probably have to go to ford so they can set the firmware up as my current one is totally dead and the diagnostic computer can't read it. I have to say I am disgusted with Ford for not only shoddy workmanship but the fact they won't stand up and say they have made a mistake and need to recall this module. Toyota fessed up to their mistakes and I don't think its done them any harm. Message to Ford. We you loyal customers buy your products in good faith knowing, by past experience, of your reliability, so why shun us so and palm us off with sub standard merchandise! Its not right and its not fair! Now step up to the plate and put your hand in your pocket and restore our faith in you before we got to a Japanese car manufacturer! End of.