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    escort van. IS200 sport
  1. Thermostat.....

    anything up to 10 min
  2. new car

    hi people it's been a while since i was last on so HI all some of you know me from when the forum 1st started (LOC member). well as the post said new car im away to sell my lexus IS200 as with a new baby the pram is just a pain to get into the IS200's boot, half in boot and other half behind drivers seat. so i am away to come back to FORD i was thinking of a mondeo prob a 2004/5 1.8LX what is the boot space like in these and do you know of any problems or what i should look out for ??
  3. Moderator

  4. What Do You Do?

    if you look at it i only work 6 months of the year 2 weeks on rig 2 weeks at home we dont work when we are home but when we are away it's 12 Hr's a day for 14 days and its hard work im outside in all weathers getting covered in mud/oil drilling holes miles long to get to the oil/gas if you work over sea's its norm a month away and a month at home
  5. hi m8 this was a prob with mk4 escort rs turbo's and xr3i's it was the starter that use to brake down with heat from the exhaust when hot wouldnt start but ok when left for a while to cool down
  6. What Do You Do?

    i work a 2/2 rota 2 weeks away 2 weeks at home
  7. out of ideas!!

    could be the spark braking down under load ??? blocked fuel filter ??
  8. What Do You Do?

    im car mech to trade but now work out on the oil rigs in the north sea on the drilling side here is some of the rigs iv worked on Noble byron jack up North alwyn Beryl alpha and the one im on just now the Ninian central
  9. HI all another loc

    il get some pics up soon m8
  10. Sump plug removal

    you can get new sump plugs at halfords. its a 13mm socet or spanner to get it off and some can be v tight
  11. 12 years for me but im into the older fords love my mk1/2 escorts and mk1 fiesta's
  12. just saying ello

    hi m8 welcome
  13. HI all another loc

    hi peope im another loc member but i was a ford nut for a good few year's had a few starting with a MK1 fiesta 950 moving on to escort rs turbos with some 2i's and 3i's in there as well i now have an escort van as a run around and have a IS200 sport ( the wife uses it more than me ) here are some pics of my last escort RS turbo 90spec run about the 3i was mint wish i had som pics of it the 1st pic has my 3 fords in b4 thay got sold mint XR3i, 90spec turbo, 2.0L focus that was the only pics i have just the ones i used when i was selling the turbo
  14. Introductions .....

    thanks m8 i was ford man for 9 years so know my fords
  15. Mk4 engine upgrade

    use a MK2 XR2 engine will be an easy swap m8 a set of cam's and a K&N filter you get new jets for the carb with the new K&N