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  1. Happy Birthday garfield!

  2. diesel fumes whilst driving

    Just got the car back today after two days they said one of the injectors was not closing fully. Just been out for a good drive and no fumes at all so hopfully its done the trick.Not sure yet about the mpg,wether the injector will make a difference or not i dont know
  3. diesel fumes whilst driving

    Thanks guys will go down the dealers this morning see what they say. Fuel economy has never been as good as i would like only get 32-34mpg going to and from work which is a bit disappointing,also the engine does have quite a loud diesel knock at lower revs dont know if this is normal.I know what dealers are like they might just say its normal they all do that anyway will let you know how i get on
  4. diesel fumes whilst driving

    It was serviced in feb when i got it from a ford dealers.If it had a proper service or just an oil change i dont know.Only done a few thousand miles since mainly daily commute but it has had some good runs on motorways and a good thrash now and again. Thankyou for the welcome
  5. diesel fumes whilst driving

    Got a 1.8 tdci 2007 with 15000 mls getting a horrible smell of diesel fumes nearly all the time,also when i give it some welly i get quite a lot of black smoke out back.I seem to get the smell with windows up or down air con on or off it doesnt really make a difference.Would a faulty egr valve cause these problems?