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  1. I have exactly the same problem. Ford have quoted just shy of £1500 to repair it - I only paid 3K for the car 5 months ago!!! A none Ford dealer have suggested converting to manual. They reckon that it could be done for £500 including parts. Does anyone have any comments or experience with this??? Hi octopusann Just an update on my own situation, after several months of wrangling with the finance company and the financial ombudsman, I eventually had to succumb and obtain an independent engineers report at a cost. The report was done independently by Douglas Reid of Elite Inspections, who I would highly recomment. ( www.eliteinspections.co.uk ). In his report Douglas found several problems which had all contributed to the breakdown, which were actually there when I bought the car! So my problems were actually inherent! I, too was in the same boat, where I had only purchased the car in the July at a cost of £3495, and it packed in on me in November of the same year. If it had not been for my persistence and Douglas's belief in me when I was describing the problems then I would have given up, but I always felt that I was right as I encountered the problems from the very first day. I also tracked down the previous owner and found that he had exactly the same problems and had spent a fortune on it in the 2 years that he had the car. I contacted numerous papers, car magazines, Ford etc and no one was interested in helping me! If this is a known problem to Ford, irrespective of where you buy the vehicle, I believe they could do more to help. I believe that if it had not been for the high handed attitude and non co-operation of the finance company involved that this would have been settled long before it was but they threatened me with different scenarios and then lifted the car without my consent and took it down to an auction site in Leeds! I do know that the car has been sold and I have every sympathy for the new owner and can only hope that whoever has bought it has better luck than me!! I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you can get a satisfactory conclusion and hopefully a lot quicker than I did. P.S. After Douglas's report and several phone calls and letters later, I can now say with great joy that my finance agreement has been written off, some payments refunded and the cost of Douglas's report. I certainly didn't make out of it but then thats not why I persisted in fighting, I did it because I believed that I was right, but I would say I broke even. But that in no way compensated for the stress, inconvenience and anxiety that I suffered for almost 11 months!! I hope this helps someone in some small way. If you have a problem and believe in yourself, fight it. I am not saying the last 11 months have been easy, but if this helps anyone else then I'll be happy!!
  2. Hi Marcy133 Unfortunately for me the finance company nor the garage are interested in this fault as they say the fault was not there at sale about 4 months ago and I am arguing that it was because of the problems that I have had, gears not synchronising, not starting etc, so I am now having to seek legal advice to proceeed or I am going to be left with a car that needs £2000 spent on it that I can't afford and if I terminate the agreement they will hound me for the money so am not in a nice situation! Thanks for your help though L
  3. Hi I too have a fusion with durashift problems, 2004 fusion semi automatic. the car broke down on me just over 4 weeks ago, lost gears, nothing showing in panel, no selections available. turned engine off and now can't get it to start. got towed to dealer bought from, couldn't find problems doing diagnostic check so sent it to ford dealer. ford themselves aren't sure but suggest changing the ecu unit which may have damaged the activation motors! had a few problems leading to this, shudder on first acceleration, non selection of gears, problems with 02 sensor! now completely broken down. The ECU Unit is approximately £900.00 with the motors assembly costing £400 approximately. Labour will be in the region of £340, giving a possible repair cost of £1,640.00 plus Vat, but no exact costings have been prepared. Any hints??