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  1. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    10000 miles is considered a good benchmark, certainly I've noticed that the MPG and engine behaviour is much more consistent after 10000 on the clock compared to just 10!
  2. New Fiesta Front Tyre Wear

    This tyres/wheels issue is a long-running problem on the Titanium model Ford Fiestas and Kas. The 17" 15-spoke wheels are prone to buckling, there's a big thread on here somewhere about it. Tyres wearing on the inside of the wheel is one of the major signs of this, and often your tracking is found to be correct. I had 15" 8-spoke wheels on my 1.4 Zetec and never had a problem, downgraded to the diesel Ka with 16" 15-spoke wheels and I intend to replace the car 5 weeks after buying it because they can't (or won't) fix the problems I'm having with it regarding handling.
  3. Mpg Help

    It's brand new by the sound of it, your MPG figures won't settle down until the engine is run in, which takes several thousand miles. FYI my 1.4 petrol only averaged around the 40mpg mark combined and that was after a total of 14000 on the clock from brand new.
  4. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    My car pulls to the left regardless of the camber of the road, that was why I took it in and found out both front wheels were buckled...inside of the front tyres were worn too.
  5. First Service Advice/tips?

    Had my Fiesta serviced in September (when I still had it), I was paying the monthly service plan and it came through with no problems at all, whether that was because of the service plan or not, I don't know...
  6. Mk2 Ka Mpg Computer?

    I've got the 1.3TDCi mk2, holding steady at 48.5mpg and that's split half and half between town and motorway driving every week. Great engine on it for a small car I think :)
  7. New Ka And Ipod..

    Does your Ka actually give you an error message, or show any signs that it knows "something" is connected? I've got the ipod nano 3rd generation (square shape basically), and the Ka picks that up straight away and starts playing when I plug it in, but I have heard of other models not being compatible. My iphone 3GS won't work, and in fact won't even charge the battery when I plug it in. Other problem is, the Ka seems to have a very low threshold of what it can actually play - everytime I plug mine in, it picks a random selection of songs and will ONLY play those, I can't shuffle for other songs?!
  8. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    It does affect the Mk2 model Ka, which I have, and has 5-spoke 16"alloy wheels, in fact I'm going to Dagenham Motors tonight for the 3rd time to have it out with them over my buckled alloys and I've only owned the car for a month! I had the 1.4 petrol Fiesta Zetec with 8-spoke 15" wheels from October 09-10 and never had a single problem with the car, changed to the diesel Ka to save money on travel (I do a lot of motorway miles) and it's been a nightmare since day one. I took it back a week after having it because the car was pulling to the left, mechanic phones me within an hour and tells me both front alloys are buckled and the inside edge of the tires also need replacing as a result. I said I'd only bought it last week and subsequently got a callback in an hour from the rep who sold me it saying that they'd replace one wheel for free and the tracking was indeed out, but that the other wheel and tires were fine - so who's telling the truth right? Another week passes and I take it back because the car still pulls to the left, they say the tracking is out again, try to charge me to fix it (I refused and they accepted as it was an ongoing problem), but it still isn't right. Changing to this car was a bad idea, can't wait to change back to the Fiesta. I don't think it's a coincidence that almost all the used Mk7 Fiestas available on the Dagenham Motors website are Titanium models with the alloy wheels you're all describing. Hoping I won't get modded for my kind of-on, kind of-off topic reply, long-time reader first-time poster!