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  1. Alarm Problem!!

    Right. Simply, the alarm on my 2001 mk3 estate keeps setting itself off. - Tried taking out both the horn fuses but then found out (the hard way via the neighbours disgusted tutting) that the alarm has its own horn - Tried locking manually with the key in the door lock - Tried disconnecting the bonnet alarm switch cable I have now resorted to disconnecting the battery every night after locking it up but ideally I really would like to not have to do this every morning and night, the gimmick has worn off and its getting a bit boring now!! Any help would be appreciated as its getting a bit embarrassing now. Not the fact that the neighbours are being woken up a lot, bollo*ks to them, its just that its a really patheticly weedy sounding alarm and its embarrassing being seen turning it off!!!! Thanks.
  2. Alarm Keeps Beeping!

    Hi there. I currently have the same problem but when I disconnect the bonnet switch cable it still does the same so I cant see that replacing the switch would solve the problem in my case. Any ideas????
  3. Alarm Problem

    Hi there. Have had same problem (to the disgust of my snotty neighbours!!) but alarm still goes off when I have disconnected the bonnet sensor so cant see that a new mechanism will solve my problem. Only solution I currently have is disconnecting the battery after locking the car up at night. Thank f**k for external key opening bonnets!! ;) Any ideas????