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  1. Alternator

    thats good to hear thanks tom i read in the haynes manual that i need to remove the rod ends (which requires a ball joint seperator) to make room to remove the alternator through the wheel arch? is that really nessecary because i know that the manual it shows the correct procedure but there are often shortcuts that are not mentioned.
  2. Alternator

    Hi Im new to all this but i need to change the alternator on my 2001 2.0DTTi mondeo estate is this going to be a hard job to do? I so far have limited myself to doing my own brakes but due to lack of funds im having to expand my knowledge. I need to know if i am going to need any special tools? or if the is it best to access the alternator from the top or bottom of the engine? Like i said im relativly new to tinkering about with the more intermate parts of the engine so i would even have a little trouble locating it to start off with, but once im there im reasonably technically minded as im a sheet metal/mechnical engineering technician. and once i have my head round what it is that im doing im usually ok. so if anyone could help me out with any advice it really would be a big help. Harry