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  1. Replacing Rear Box On 1998 Escort Estate

    Many thanks. I'll give it a try tomorrow, when I pop round my mate's : )
  2. Replacing Tailgate On 1998 Escort Estate

    Me and my mate tried to fit the tailgate, but made a bit of a hash of it. You see, the tailgate I bought had the wiring cut, so me and my friend were going to pull the wiring out of the old tailgate, not realising that it went right round the whole tailgate and not just into the brake light as it looked! Not we are going to have to find a way of running the old wiring back through the tailgate. What's the easiest way of unclipping the rubber grommet that houses the wiring at the top of the tailgate? Thanks : )
  3. Replacing Rear Box On 1998 Escort Estate

    Sounds easy! Should I jack the car up, or just try it on the road? (Don't fancy the car falling on me with all that twisting and pulling.......) Thanks : )
  4. Ka

    The winder should just have a plastic cap in the centre of it. If you find a "lip" on the cap, just prise it off with a screwdriver. You should then see the screw which is holding it in place (Please correct me if I'm wrong.....)
  5. Hi everyone (again!) as you can see, I have a bit of a project going on with my mate's 1998 Escort estate (1800 TD) I have got to replace his rear box on his exhaust, as it is nearly hanging off! I have the part, just need a bit of guidance on how to remove the old one (Heard that they can be a bit of a pig to get off) What sort of tools will I need, and what's the easiest way of freeing up the old rear box? Thanks : )
  6. Hi everyone, I have managed to get hold of a decent second hand tailgate for my mate's 1998 (MK7?) Escort estate. I need a bit of help with the fitting of it, though. What's the best way to go about it? Also, is it always a must that you use de-ionized water when flushing a radiator and replacing the anti-freeze? Thanks : )
  7. Hi everyone, my 2010 Fiesta has started scrubbing out the LHS front tyre in it's leading edge. I have noticed that the front suspension has stared clonking over speed humps and the steering is pulling to the right. What could be causing this? I haven't kerbed any of the wheels. It's only done 3600 miles as well. Thanks : )
  8. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    Thanks. Just how many miles do you have put on an engine before it is "run in"?
  9. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    Hi, I have the 1.25 version of the new Fiesta nad are having the same problems with poor MPG (Was getting around 42 MPG in the last model Fiesta - only aroung 36 MPG in this one!) Would it be worth trying an octane booster or injector cleaner in my car? It has only done 3000 miles, though.........
  10. Looking For A Few Spares For An Escort Estate 1800 Td

    Many thanks for the replies. What car part warehouses do you suggest? I tried Euro Car Parts, but they had nothing in stock. Where's the best place to buy glow plugs from and are they hard to fit? Thanks : )
  11. Hi everyone, my Brother has just bought a 1998 Escort estate 1800 TD, but it is in need of some TLC (mainly bodywork) The tailgate is rotten and needs replacing. Where's the best place to look for one, and how hard are they to replace? Also, the rear box on the exhaust is full of holes and so he will also need a replacement one of these. One last thing, the clutch pedal is a bit stiff and it's also a bit of a slow starter. It has done 83,000 miles though... Many thanks in advance : )
  12. Ford Fiesta Mpg Poor

    Is there anything else you guys can suggest to help the MPG my 1.25 is getting? What about tyres pressures, cold start up etc? Thanks : )
  13. Ford Fiesta Mpg Poor

    Hi everyone. I have a 2010 82 BHP Fiesta Edge and I'm having the same problems with MPG at the moment. When I got the car, it was doing around 41 MPG, now I'm lucky to get 35! My driving hasn't changed, and I'm shifting as soon as the car tells me to (shift light on dash) Any ideas as to why the sudden drop? The car's done 2300 miles BTW. Thanks : )