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  1. Happy Birthday GlenM!

  2. How's Your Car In Snow ?

    i had to drive the works transit van today!!! woooooo what fun in the snow that was!!! 3.0l high top long wheel base.. for some reason it wanted to go side ways!!! every were!! lol :D
  3. How's Your Car In Snow ?

    yes i worked this out the other day drove along in snow with no feet on pedals in 2nd gear lol!!!
  4. Parrot Bluetooth Install

    hi guys, well tried to install with an epic fail!! i got a non parrot ISO block from eBay and there is a wiring issue 12volts always on and ing volt round the wrong way so i swapped them over and i had nothing!! no power at all... DOH gonna order a genuine lead from parrot after xmas so will try agian then!! unless anyone else has some good ideas?? see picks below of lead - (before i cut wires) :o
  5. Parrot Bluetooth Install

    Well i think i have all the bits i need, so may try and start today!!
  6. Parrot Bluetooth Install

    Hi, Im going to do a bluetooth install this weekend (weather permiting)+ hard wiring a micro usb for my new phone! Just wondered if it would be worth doing some kind of guide?? with pics would this be of any use doing do you think?? cheers let me know guys!!!!!!! ;)
  7. How's Your Car In Snow ?

    Hi, Just Driven our new fiesta in real deep SNOW for the first time she was lovley!! handeled well not slip or a slide but that prob's due my careful driving dont want to dent her!!! :D
  8. Cartoon Fiesta

    Just found this online looks sweet!! but you may have seen it before!! i love it makes a great wallpaper....
  9. Snowed Under?

    1. jmurray01
    2. GlenM


      lol yes me to now!!! grrrrrr

    3. jmurray01


      I'm snowed under both literally and metaphorically! Snowed under with the snow, and snowed under with work!

  10. Hey Hello.. New Member And Fiesta Owner

  11. FOC Stickers and merchandise

    did these ever get made was looking for a owners club sticker?
  12. Hi, Just joined today.. we have just brought a fiesta 1.4 tdci zetec, we have only been drivig her for a couple of days and have fallen in love with it.. nippy little purple thing. lol im sure i will be posting more soon about to install a parrot bluetooth kit and hard wire micro usb kit so was wondering i should do some pictures of that??