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  1. Wrong Mileage?

    Thanks for replying vinnyvangough, So it seems i'm going to be tarred with that brush when i come to sell it anyway as it's already been altered before for what ever reason?, probably for the white dial effect clocks - the clock actually now reads 01230 I have all the history info and MOT info to back the real mileage up. If you have the know how to help me put this at least approx right it would be appreciated . I will PM you, my e-mail in case you don't want that sort of info on this site,which is obviously understandable! Thanks for all your help!
  2. OK, so i bought this escort and the dials have been changed without changing the engine, the mileage is very very low,the 2009 MOT says [approx] 100,000 and the 2010 MOT says [approx] 120 miles? - Oh and theres no indication that the engine has ever been changed,especially in the last year? - i don't have the old dials to put back in, so i was wondering if there was a way of putting the mileage back from 120 miles up to what i think is a pretty good estimate of 110,000 miles,i thought if this can be done then its only right to add 10,000 miles which is the average per year, but i have no idea how to do it... Any help greatly appreciated! thank you!
  3. Hi, i want to remove some light rust from my car,its creeping over the paint and i'm not sure of the best way of getting rid of it, any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Shocking Accelaration

    I had a similar problem with my old car,Astra, there was hardly any power when accelerating and it was spluttering, it did drive but with minimal power,anyway it turned out to be the fuel pump, i picked one up at the scrappy's for £10 and once i changed it she ran lovely!
  5. Omg

    Do you have any no claims bonus? - On your cheapest quote try reducing your miles to 5000 a year, and third party fire and theft,worked wonders for my quote, also select social only! - As long as you have no convictions it should be cheap, and even more so if you have NC bonus? Merry Christmas!
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  11. Survival In A Hi Tech World Of Mamon

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  15. Hi, i have recently bought a Ford Escort 1.8 SI [98], it's in pretty good condition considering its age, there's only a few annoyances i need to take care of, but the most immediate thing i need to sort are my dials,my oil gauge isn't working,and when driving at [x]mph, the speed dial needle hovers and wobbles quite a lot around the actual speed im doing,surly this should be steady?,everything else works fine though! Does anyone know how to fix this annoyance please? Thanks for any help in advance!