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  1. btmaldon

    My Focus MK1 1.6 - Pics

    Get the cold air intake from a 2.0 Auto. It is far better positioned than the normal intake for more air. Also check to see if the wiring for the front fogs is behind the blanking covers. If they are you just need the fogs and the switch. The wiring was already in place on the Mk1 I owned many years ago. May not be the same for the Mk1.5.
  2. btmaldon

    Front End Knocking Noise

    I had the same symptoms on a car I owned years ago. It was the top mount on the shock. The wear had left some play in it. Only clonked on surfaces that were a little uneven.
  3. btmaldon

    Hardwired Dash cam, not turning off

    Pretty sure its 85 you should piggy back with. I'm sure that's the one I connected mine to. Only powers up when the ignition is on.
  4. btmaldon

    Potential Headgasket leak

    If you are only doing short journeys and not loosing any coolant you will get a build up of condensation in the top of the engine that turns into the creamy crap as you put it in the filler cap. You may be lucky.
  5. I was going to say a blocked pollen filter but the car is too young for that. Its still under warranty, you may as well book it in.
  6. btmaldon

    Ramair replacement filter on ST

    Thanks guys. Just had a look and it does have an inverted cone inside. Put it down to having a senior moment, as I was sure it went right through. Anyway. I have left the bung off for now to see what its like.
  7. btmaldon

    Ramair replacement filter on ST

    The hole is straight through though. The other end goes into the intake. Seems strange to me. You will get extra noise but there's nothing stopping particles going straight down the intake.
  8. Hi all. I haven't been on here for ages, so its good to see you are all still very active. I recently bought one of these foam replacement filters recently just to give it a try. Thing is these Ramair filters come with a hole at the end and a rubber grommit. What is the point of the hole, as any contaminants in the engine bay will get sucked straight into the intake?
  9. I would test the power supply to the HCV. Turn ignition on and check the voltage when set to hot and to cold. If it is the same it is the heater control switch that needs replacing. I can see you tried changing it but it may have been a duff one.
  10. btmaldon

    Escort GTI - Help needed

    Have you changed the expansion tank cap. If its not holding the pressure it will give the same symptoms of a head gasket failure. It will also boil at a lower temperature.
  11. btmaldon

    Mk6 fiesta zetec S to ST conversion?

    I would have thought it would be cheaper and easier to sell yours and buy an ST. The insurance will be cheaper and you wont have to change the looms, ancillaries or upgrade the brakes.
  12. btmaldon

    Log book advice

    Personally I would just sign it on his behalf. There would only be an issue if your Brother decided that he didn't want it sold and challenged the sale himself saying he hadn't signed it. I've sold a car to Trade and signed it on behalf of my Daughter and the Traders weren't at all bothered. DVLA do not check the signatures on the V5's as far as I can find. Also in the old days of applying for car tax at a Post Office and having to sign and send off the V5 at the same time if you had just bought the car, you were allowed to sign it in your own name and then in brackets write your relationship to the new owner.
  13. btmaldon

    Police pursuit footage

    He should get life for that, but wont.
  14. btmaldon

    Warped discs ?!

    I've had the same symptoms on numerous cars I have bought and its only needed the pads changing. If they aren't bedded in properly for a few hundred miles by avoiding heavy braking they will cause the vibrations when braking from high speeds.
  15. is it close to the legal limit or not? Have you changed it at any time?