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  1. I would test the power supply to the HCV. Turn ignition on and check the voltage when set to hot and to cold. If it is the same it is the heater control switch that needs replacing. I can see you tried changing it but it may have been a duff one.
  2. Well I thought I should change the side light bulbs to LED's whilst I was upgrading the dipped beam bulbs to Osram nightbreaker Plus's. I just cannot get the things out. There is no movement when tugging on the tongue/holder thing. I have tried twisting it as well but not too much as I don't want it to snap off. These have never been out an I have had this Mk2.5 since new. Any tips on how to remove these bulbs without breaking the tongue? Cheers guys.
  3. btmaldon

    Escort GTI - Help needed

    Have you changed the expansion tank cap. If its not holding the pressure it will give the same symptoms of a head gasket failure. It will also boil at a lower temperature.
  4. btmaldon

    Mk6 fiesta zetec S to ST conversion?

    I would have thought it would be cheaper and easier to sell yours and buy an ST. The insurance will be cheaper and you wont have to change the looms, ancillaries or upgrade the brakes.
  5. btmaldon

    Log book advice

    Personally I would just sign it on his behalf. There would only be an issue if your Brother decided that he didn't want it sold and challenged the sale himself saying he hadn't signed it. I've sold a car to Trade and signed it on behalf of my Daughter and the Traders weren't at all bothered. DVLA do not check the signatures on the V5's as far as I can find. Also in the old days of applying for car tax at a Post Office and having to sign and send off the V5 at the same time if you had just bought the car, you were allowed to sign it in your own name and then in brackets write your relationship to the new owner.
  6. btmaldon

    Police pursuit footage

    He should get life for that, but wont.
  7. btmaldon

    Warped discs ?!

    I've had the same symptoms on numerous cars I have bought and its only needed the pads changing. If they aren't bedded in properly for a few hundred miles by avoiding heavy braking they will cause the vibrations when braking from high speeds.
  8. is it close to the legal limit or not? Have you changed it at any time?
  9. btmaldon

    Travel Pilot Fx Instructions

    If anyone needs a copy please PM me with your email address and I will send it to you. Not sure the FX was in a Mk2 but was deffo in the Mk 2.5. I'm away at the moment but will send it out on Monday as its on my main computer at home. Cheers.Bruce
  10. btmaldon

    Well it's a start

    Cant blame the truckers. Many times when visiting my Mum in Addenbrookes I have spent 25 to 30 miles at 50 in the outside lane. You can see half a mile in front a lorry at the front of the queue. By the time that one gets over another one has pulled into the line and so on. Ive been stuck directly behind one for 7 or 8 miles while it drives along side another lorry. Its the fact that it is a busy haulage route with only two lanes that is the issue. Not the truckers.
  11. Can you remember what the DTC's were before you cleared them? It sounds like it is running far too rich.
  12. btmaldon

    Dangerous overtake by Merc in 30mph limit

    What a bell end. Needs putting on here:
  13. btmaldon

    And barely a Ford to be seen...

    There is only a 4.5% difference between the Fiesta and top spot. I don't know the size of the survey but the Fiesta numbers are likely to be more highly represented in comparison to the others and therefore the results could be slightly distorted.
  14. btmaldon

    Dodgy car - uninterested dealer!

    The heating issue is the heater control valve. They cost about £40 and take around 20 minutes to half hour to fit. The Ka fans are noisy especially on the older cars. The coolant leak is likely to be the thermostat housing which is top right side of the engine as you are facing it. You will need to take the battery out to get to it. These are plastic and warp over time. One of the pipes from this goes to the heater control valve which is in the centre of the bulkhead. If its not leaking from there (which it probably is) sometimes the expansion tank splits causing a leak under pressure. The 1.6 engine is not very economical. We had the SportKa which has the same engine. The best we ever managed was 32 mpg. I cant remember ever seeing a Streetka with a hard top. Only in photos.
  15. btmaldon

    Why are women like cars?

    I find giving her a good servicing regularly and buying her new boots occasionally keeps her under control.
  16. btmaldon

    loud tyre noise

    I had what I thought was a bearing noise on my ST when I got it. Fortunately it turned out to be the tread on the inside of the nearside tyre was stepped. This was causing the droning noise. If you can run your hand around the inner tread you should be able to feel if it is level or not.
  17. btmaldon


    I've never has an Osram bulb blow on me and I always use these. It maybe because I always garage my cars and therefore it is not subject to the lovely British weather.
  18. btmaldon


    You probably need a stethoscope to confirm where the noise is coming from if its mechanically driven. If its driven off the auxiliary belt you may need to take it off. and run it. Its been a long time since I delved into a motor that far.
  19. btmaldon

    Am I getting shafted?

    Whole car shuddering at that speed suggests it is the rear end. It could just be rear wheel balancing and or tracking.
  20. btmaldon

    Just joined

    Very nice. Thinking of getting mine stickered up.
  21. btmaldon

    Poor headlights on 65reg focus

    Ive just fitted the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited's to my ST main and full beam and they are so much better than stock.
  22. btmaldon


    Last KA we had with a constant grinding noise was due to the water pump being on the way out.
  23. btmaldon

    Help Heater Not Working

    Either the Heater Control Valve is stuck closed or the Thermostat is stuck open.