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  1. Spraying Wing Mirrors

    if your still looking to do this, then do a DIY job :) primer paint and laquer £9.00, only £3.00 a rattle can and you only need one of each. just make sure you remove all the texture from on the wing mirror before spraying. :)
  2. Need a Resprayer

    for a decent respray your looking £1200-£2000, just get the car machine polished it will remove most if not all scratches, and as for stone chips maybe enquire about a smart repair?? hope this helps
  3. 1.3 encore engine or the 1.25 zetec

    is the 1.25 16v zetec easy on fuel?
  4. hey just wondering which is the better and faster engine to have!? my car is a 1.3 Encore to be honest....its rather !Removed!! just wondering if the 1.25 Zetec engine would be better and faster?? cheers for replys!