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  1. A while ago I posted that I was having issues with the general running of my 2001 mondeo tddi. After advice I cleaned out the egr valve and inlet manifold to the point they were spotless. However, Im still getting the hesitation and excessive amounts of black smoke and almost like a kangaroo effect when sitting between 60-70. Ive heard that intercooler pipes could be the problem if they have split but just wondering if there is anything else that could cause these symptoms to happen? Thanks in advance
  2. Another Egr Issue

    nice one thanks for the info :)
  3. Another Egr Issue

    Well firstly hello everyone :) Ok...... so... yes as the title says i think im suffering from egr syndrome... brought a 2001 mondeo tddi the other day and noticed its not running the best.. with me having a transit for work i noticed the same problems I was having with that when the fuel filter was knackered... been through the paperwork and its been replaced not long ago. This draws me to the conclusion that the poor running is down to the egr being clogged up to death. Ive already cleaned out the manifold ( a chimney sweep would have been proud with the amount of crap that came out of that) and its marginally improved the running but only once warm... i could see that egr valve but didnt know what to use to get it off with. Which is kind of the point of this post really to ask for some advice. What tools do i need and whats the best way to get it off?? Any advice is appreciated Oh i'll add on another note that it seems to take for ever for the temp gauge to show any heat and when its upto normal temps and if i get stuck in traffic it goes down again.... do i need a new stat?