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  1. Mp3 Playback

    Hope someone can help me! I've got a 62 1.2 Zetec with the phone pack fitted. Got it back in Nov 2012 and after a few weeks the sound board failed and couldnt use phone or MP3 and was replaced. Over the past few weeks, I seem to be losing MP3s during playback - one minute they're there and the next day they seem to disappear! I've tried different size sticks from 4GB to 32GB and different formats, ie, WMA and MP3. When i plug the stick into a PC the tracks are there but won't play in the car!! Anyone else had this? Thanks, Ian
  2. My partner has a new fiesta and on saturday, with just 300 miles on the clock, I got a call from him to say that he'd broken down. Turning the engine over the centre display was flashing "Engine Malfunction - Service Now" and the engine was pulsing to about 1.5K revs about every second. Garage recovery came, got in, pulled away and came back two minutes later and said that it was out of fuel (embarrassed) ! followed him on way to garage and you could see the car bouncing, pulled in and recovery put some petrol in but still had same problem with engine pulsing. Recovery said it might be the cam? I know that new cars have 'teething problems' but does anyone know what may be wrong?? Thanks