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  1. mondeos past n present

  2. Crankshaft Pulley

    hi jaygee82 thanks for your reply, i know its not the clutch as i know how to detect that as it went on my last mondeo, i dont know if its the crankshaft pulley or the belt tensioner, as stated i had both these fitted just over a week ago and first day was fine but then just started to get worse as days gone by, i got another crankshaft pulley from the dealer and the mechanic will hopefully be fitting it on monday but then what if its the tensioner? i cant see them replacing that if it makes the same racket when new pulley is fitted? im going to have the front wheel of now to see if i can locate the sound better ;)
  3. Crankshaft Pulley

    hi im back again after having a new kit and pulleys fitted the noise is back with vengence, the day after was a few squeeks so i thought it would be pulleys bedding in then as the days go on its tapping again, i took it back to the mechanic he heard the noise but couldnt tell where it was coming from cos has the engine warms up the tapping sounds like everywhere in the engine until u put aircon on, he said the belts streamline and it looks ok but hes not heard it when its been first started, he said it could be a faulty camshaft pulley, so i went to the suppliers where i bought it from and explained, so they ordered me another one to try, do you think this could be the cause anyone? thanks.
  4. Fuel Economy

    hi mondy man thats all i do town driving, i dont know why i went for a diesel to be honest with you, i also had the camshaft replaced along with the adjuster and belt kit costing £241 the day i got it back it was nice and quiet the next day when i started it there was a squeel but went away when i reved it and checked the belt again and all seemed well, its been a week ago and im getting a tapping noise on tickover i took it back to garage for the guy who did the job to look at and he said its ok but can hear the tapping, the long narrow black box behind the injectors is where the noise is coming from, and said its sounds like injector slap whatever that is but said they may need replacing as they look original and its just done 100k how can u tell if injectors are faulty? if you know thanks, and could that be a reason why its not so good on fuel? :(
  5. Fuel Economy

    hi i own a mondeo zetec s 2.0tdci 6 speed, i dont thrash and use mostly 6th gear and do about 1500-2000 revs, it runs smoothly and ticks over on 750 revs but it uses fuel stupid, i put £15 and got 59 miles that cant be right, its had all filter change and tyre pressure is checked could anyone advice what the problem may be :( thanks in advance. the trip computer says 37 per gallon but dont get that
  6. Crankshaft Pulley

    thanks guys, just letting you know i got the auxilary belt kit and crankshaft pulley + fitting for £241 :( but everythings ok now :D also the car runs smoother and gear change is better, dont ask why
  7. Crankshaft Pulley

    thanks for your replies, the camshaft pulley is very rusty so i thought that may have been the prob too, when i look down at the belt when the engine is running there doesnt seem to be any belt slap though, but every 10-15 seconds or so there seems to be a slight wobble for a couple of seconds.
  8. Crankshaft Pulley

    hi, ive developed a rumbling noise a couple of weeks ago in the engine and its the opposite side to the clutch. i took it to a garage and he said its the crankshaft pulley, when i accelerate i can feel a vibration through the pedal and engine, is this caused by the crankshaft pulley or is there anything else it could be, when i put on air con the noise gets a little more louder. thanks.
  9. how do you get 44mpg round town? i dont thrash mine and most ive ever done is 30mpg.
  10. hope you got plenty of chunk lol, im doing about 25 to gallon, insurance has gone through roof and im seriously wanting to sell lol.
  11. 130 Tdci

    i mate i take it you havent had the car long? 4 miles isnt really far before temp goes up, i guess it depends how you drive it, i mean thrash it and it will go up faster lol, and the 2nd question about the 2nd gear is im guessing its had a single mass flywheel and clutch conversion, my first mondeo had one fitted and it was horrible to drive after that, and 2nd gear i had to ram it it until as you say it was ok once warmed up, but dont take my word for it as im just telling you my story lol, but there are people on here who know what there on about, good luck mate.
  12. Trip Computer

    Hi everyone,im wondering if anyone can tell me roughly how many miles your getting to £20. i have a 54 plate mondeo zetec s 2.0 tdci 130bhp 6 speed which i do not thrash as i keep to legal limits but im only getting 110ish miles to £20, that is using motorways and A roads in 6th gear, im the 2nd owner of the vehicle which ive now had for around 3 months. the owner has well looked after it with all service stamps and used it mainly motorways himself, it has 98.000 on clock. my other 54 plate lx 2.0 tdci 5 speed did around 160 miles i just dont get it, one thing ive noticed is the tensioner pulley noise on tick over but surely that cant be the problem, any ideas anyone? thanks in advance.
  13. Quick Clear Screens

    Hi im onto my 2nd mondeo mk3, and wondering how quick the quick clear screens should be? my first mondeo lx was very quick at defrosting ice, it wouldnt take long at all to defrost the screens, but my zetec s seems to take ages!! my heated screen lights come on automatically so i know its working, i even have the wipers set to come on intermitent to aid to clear the ice but its so slow and can take upto 10 minutes to clear, is there anything that can or will be slowing the defrosting? thanks and hi to all the forum.