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  1. Windscreen Washer Not Working

    Thanks for the info, got exactly the same problem, but how did you get the pump out of the reservoir, which direction? down towards the ground or more towards the wheel. and i guess you also jacked up the car aswell to make it easier. managed to remove pump, however i managed to push the filter into the reservoir. damn it.
  2. Stone Guard

    Think I just broke my Stone Guard, if its what i think it is, looking at the front spoiler below the bumper, behind the front spoiler, clips onto the front spoiler and has 2 screws either side to attach to the side panels. its black heavy duty, thick plastic, looks like it protects the alternator and starter motor, besides other things. been looking for the name of the item all day. broke mine on a curb, need to know where to buy 1 to replace cheaply as it now keeps hitting the road due to the air pushing down on it, as the 3 clips seem to have come off, till I get outside tomorrow and remove it, I have no idea if i can fix it. Nope wasnt the stone guard i broke, but the passenger side, splash guard, now i just need to find a replacement.