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  1. Happy Birthday REGINA!

  2. as our stock halogen bulbs are 55w so if you convert to HID bulbs, you need to get 35w HID for conversion.....55w HID bulbs are more brighter than 35w while they generate more heat.... if you dont drive for long time during time, you can stick with 35w 5k HID kit, If you need maximum light output, if you drive on very dark roads, you will want to install a 55W HID kits for more lighting power. ok, just get a relay harnessto protect ur electronic system....but 55w HIDs are not recommend to small fog lights cuz it can generate much more heat in small area and might melt ur fog housings.... i run 2 sets of cheap 35w 43k HID kit and 6k HID kit from for 2 years already, awsome light output and color....