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  1. Swimming Pool In Boot

    My wife had her fiesta in the garage today. They found the leak in the roof rails and re-sealed them.
  2. New focus

    Thanks for the advice. It helps to read the manual first as it does identify the fuse in the fuse box behind the glove compartment - RTFM!!!! The windscreens wiper problem was the relay - despite the salesman suggesting that it was normal operation!!! Once again thanks.
  3. New focus

    My partner has just collected her new 1.6 Zetec yesterday and I have a couple of queries. Neither her or my mobile phone chargers will work in either of the cigar lighters. I have looked in the handbook to check if their is a fuse but it does not seem to identify one. is this a problem for the garage? When using the windscreen wipers for a single sweep, i am used to cars where you flick the switch (either up or down) and the blades do a full sweep. On the focus, you have to keep the stalk down for the whole sweep. If you release the stalk, the wipers stop mid sweep. is this correct. Thanks for your help.