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  1. engine hunts and vibrates at idle mate. They have had it back 4 times with the same problem! they keep fobbing me off with excuses like "it's been cold weather recently" so F*****g what. We buy any car are going to give me 4.5k for it if anyone wants to give me any more they can have it, it comes with 12 warranty which is worth next to nothing. Just paid 6.5k for it 4 months ago. Ford Never again!
  2. honestly mate save your self the hastle. Buy german or japanese. All the faults you have listed are common not to mention a few more. I would buy a bicycle before a ford again! egr,dmf,dpf,injector failure,injector coding,injector pump contamination all things that you will come across in ownership but can be difficult to spot on a test drive and from simply looking at the car, many of them become apparent through ownership and everyday driving. Stay clear is my advice.
  3. I wouldn't hold your breath mate. Ford wouldn't give you the steam off there !Removed!!
  4. Its the final straw with Ford for me now those grabbing usless scum bags can have there !Removed! box car back. Just been to book my car into the garrage for the 4th time !!! with the same engine problem i have had since day one and they wan't £70 just to look at it! It's got gold policy cover and it's spent more time in there garage than on my drive but now those cheeky B******s want £70 to try to fix the same problem again, F**k off mr ford. And they want £30 a day for a hire car! this is the worst main dealer service on the planet. going down to we buy any car now to take a few thousand pound loss on a car i bought 4 months ago. I will never buy ford again. And advice to all ford owners. Ford protect isnt worth the paper it's written on!
  5. had the same problem with mine. Its a 2.0 tdci. Started just as you described revs bouncing when idling, But got much worse. It's been back to the garage 3 TIMES!! with the same problem it's had a few new injectors but within a week the fault is back. The last time i took it back they "tweaked the ECU maping" which has changed nothing what so ever im still stuck with the same problem. Think im going to cut my losses and get rid. If a ford main dealer can't fix it who can! My advice is if it's still under guarandtee take it back now before its to late. good luck
  6. 3 weeks ago i had 4 New injectors fitted to my 2.0 tdci. The engine was smoking badly on start up, The revs were hunting up and down on idle and there was a misfire around 1800 revs in 1st gear. The new injectors cured the problem but this week it's back to its old ways!! I never use supermarket fuel or any addatives. Anyone have any Ideas? Has this happend to anyone else? Surley the injectors cant fail after 3 weeeks? any help appreciated.
  7. The cars fine since the injectors were changed, im just worried that i could have to do the same in another 40 or 50k miles and foot the bill myself this time :( . I read allot of bad review's about these injector problems. Ive looked into redex too and the general feeling seems to be stay well clear. The delphi injectors really dont like it from what i read. Im just getting the feeling all you have to do is look at them wrong and there going to pack in. Thanks though. Any experience with the 2.0 tdci injector problems would be appreciated. Does anyone have any background info on this? cheers
  8. hi, Im a 1st time ford owner having not long bought a 2.0 tdci focus 2006 with 46k miles. After owning the car for a WEEK all 4 injectors were replaced by the dealer because of a rough idle and hunting problem on start up. Car has been fine since but i read that this is a common problem which re occurs every 40 or 50k and costs over a £1000 to fix! is this true? are injector problems on this engine that common? any help and advice appreciated thnks.